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Went on a vacation and started having bad reactions to the all the water. The result allowed warts to form at first I didnt know what they were but then soon I got a diagnosis. I was so depressed I tried everything ACV, hydrogen peroxide,pure bleach,castor oil,alcohol,tea trea,vitamin e, barkley root, everything. They all helped reduce it but it never went away.Eventually 6 months later I saw about castor oil compresses, and so I decided to use castor oil again only heated castor oil and vitamin e. I had warts on the opening of my vagina those all have cleared. I use tea tree every now and again and literally i have two left. I would say use heated castor oil and it will speed up the process. What took 6 months heated castor oil did in two weeks.

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How do you heat and apply the castor oil? Do you injest it as well? I have had great sucess with ACV and Garlic pills which I take orally. The ACV doesn't do damage to my skin anymore since I believe it has blasted away the GWarts. Bless you honey.

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