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So..we worked hard. For like three weeks to get rid of the gross little blood sucking things. We even got stuff from the doctor and treated her every 7 days. We cleaned EVERYTHING and combed my daughters hair three times a day. Those stupid things kept coming back. Two days after treating her there were little nits crawling around on her scalp. I felt defeated. Finally I called our hair lady. She said, like so many web sites have said, use mayo. So, I did. I put it on her hair for 45 mins and then rinsed it out. I didn't use any shampoo. I just rinsed it. And then I combed. There they were like 50+ nits and eggs that didnt come out prior to the mayo treatment. I left her hair that way for 24 hours. That was 7 days ago. No more lice. I never thought it would work.

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so do you leave the mayo on hair for 24 hrs? please answer my question ASAP


I just learned that dandruff shampoo kills lice. My daughter had a bad case of dandruff along with lice. I used the equate brand selson blue dandruff shampoo while she was in the bath tub. I would comb her hair while the shampoo was in her hair. I couldn't believe that it worked better than the rid stuff.. The little blood suckers were falling out.. I repeated it 3 times and she's free and clean of the itchiness!!


I just used this remedy on my kids and it does work. I've been struggling to get rid of these nasty things and u won't believe how much u get out of their hair....I hope it it continues to work.


Does the Mayo need to stay in for a 24 hr period???


I need Help please. Is Mayo the only thing you put on the hair? if so do you leave it for 24hrs.?


She just said 'The first time, I left it like that for 45 minutes. Then with no shampoo or conditioner, rinsed her hair. After that I left it on for 24 hours.'


My daughter and I both have dandruff and lice.For the woman who used the dandruff shampoo, what kind of comb did you use? Did the nits come out along with the live bugs? Email me at

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