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Wet the hair,add lots of shampoo then rub it in.Add a mixture of tea tree oil,washing liquid,lemon juice,mayonaise,baby oil,alchohol and salt(it sounds bizzare but it works).Leave for 30mins-2hrs.Rinse,shampoo,rinse,condition,rinse.Blowdry hair and then add extra heat to turn any nits by straitning/crimping/curling(optional)

I really hope this helps :)

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U aint trying to kill lice u trying to come up with a new salad dressing!


I suggest u put alcohol on the hair enough to wet all the hair avoid eye contact and wrap hair tight in a white towel like wen u take a shower and leave it for a good hour take it off and pop the lice u c on the towel then comb hair out on towel then wash


Cont. Wash hair good to take alcohol out then wrap in towel leave it 4 30 min. Then put the white towel on ur lap n come hair out and repeat the next day till lice r gone

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