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I had this problem for my whole life, i fix it whit a little piece of plastic hoose like the one use on hospitals, I cut it by the middle and slided all the way back in to the nail edge, and use a bandage to hold it in place, takeing out every two days to clean up, I use a cream that kill the pain and the infection from fongus on toenail from the wallgreens pharmacy foot care department, took me several months but since I start doing this the pain and the ingrown nail dessapear, no surgery, no doctor only me, If need help let me know.

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What hose did you use?


I have this problem n idk how to remove my ungrowing toe nail. I can't hardly do nothing cuz it hurts a lot


i have also an ingrown in my toenail. Smetimes its bleedng. Its about 2 weeks. I dnt knw what should i do coz its hurt.


Cnt tk the pain,how do i go about it

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