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I had mild ear congestion after a bad cold and ear infection. My ear might ring or echo at certain angles. I was fairly certain it was not ear wax because of the cold.

I tried a bunch of things from this site but I was finding it hard to differentiate between ear wax cures and mucus congestion cures. I had little change.

After about two weeks I tried something that worked that I didn't read here. After a warm shower I simply bent down like I was touching my toes while alternating trying to pop my ear (push air out my ear) and trying to suck air down my throat (in the same way you'd suck mucus down your throat with a runny nose, gross, sorry). It didn't take long at all to feel like I was actually making progress. Then I got the ever satisfying pop and air finally was able to pass through my ear. Was totally clear in a couple more days. Who knew bending over would do it for me, wish I tried that a week ago... Good luck!

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I do not recommend trying to pop your ear, doing that you can perforate your eardrum and have serious complications. This happened to me and the cause was because I popped my ear and it ripped my eardrum. However, if this worked for you, that's fine, I just not recommend doing it.


I had congested ears that were really bothering me one night, so I held my nose and blew air out forcefully (popped) my ears. I ruptered/busted my left eardrum by doing so. It was really painful was oozing pus. Be careful!


I was a little wary of putting anything into my ear, but I did try this trick. It has helped tremendously! Who would have thought just bending over would help? I've been doing it periodically over this evening after having clogged ears and trying this same thing upright over the last ten days. The only other thing that has made a difference has been having a deep tissue massage from my ear lobe, down my neck and shoulders and using steam from the shower. This upside thing has made the biggest difference. If it hurts, don't blow so hard, just sit up and try again in a minute or two.


I've had clogged ears all day because of a silly cold and fever. I read your help and without taking a shower, I bent down and moved my head back and forth slowly. It worked!!!! Thank you so much. I have been doing this periodically since when my ears block again and it hasn't failed once!! Thank you for posting this. Your tip has really helped me.


Thank you! This has been a tremendous help!

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