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Im 34years old. I just got diagnosed 2 months ago..Still having an outbreak. I got it from my bf who is now my ex. We used condoms but he knew he had it all along. I thought i had an allergic reaction to the condom & Bacterial vaginosis..come to find out it was HSV2. I was woman about it and talked about the results with him. He acted a complete a** and stopped coming to see me and be around me. He would never call..only texted. He stated he needed space. In the back of my mind, I think he was having an outbreak too. He began to act strange. So I backed off and started to focus on me..I know that he is knowledge about how to treat this awful dz but i wont ask due to fear and embarrasment. For the past 2 months, I have suffered. I lost who I was..mY identity..GONE. I know i got it from him because I havent had sex in 16 months prior to him and this is my first outbreak. The remedies I used that i saw my change is valtrex 2Xday. Lysine 2X day. Emergen-C powder to put in water. and now I've been I'm going to do the alkaline diet. I think this outbreak boiled down to tooooo much acid in my body. i've been monitoring my pH and I notice when I eat more alkaline foods that Im healing more each day. Thanks to my sister, Im emotionally getting better. As far as the guy go..he sucks. I am beautiful and I will not die...His lost..Now i am able to learn more about really how beautiful I am. I just hate that he is going around pretending to be someone's boyfriend just to 'get some'. Ridiculous. But every dog has their day...I have to see a infectious specialist next week.. my gynecologist referred me. Because Im not healing as fast as others. But i'll go just to see what the deal is...although I know what the problem is...tooo much acid in my daily habits. But as far as the guy go..dueces...I love myself to keep putting up with this crap from him. Hopefully I will find the guys of my dreams to love me for me...If not..i tried! So all you guys hang in there..and i'll do the same..oh and i also find that putting baking soda on the sores helps heal quicker and also taking an alka setzer at night(which is alkalinic-based). I've learned alot..I just hope someone will come out with a cure for this

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I got herpes from an ex-boyfriend as well. I wasn't for sure what I had a first either but had my doctor test me when I went in for my yearly pap. I have found a few things from googling and trial and error. I take 2 vitamin C and 2 echinacea every day and a zinc pill. Taking all of these improve immune function and reduces the duration of the infection and the serverity. Eat alot of super green foods or got by a green food supplement. I buy mine at Vitamin Shoppe. I have also read and used this myself a few times when I have gotten an out break but take a cotton ball and soak in milk and apply to blisters. I have also have seen a big decrease in time if I apply abreva to the blisters as well. However, I don't get blister in or near the vagina opening. My blisters are more on the outer part of the lips and I get them if I don't shave every couple of weeks. I hope this helps you out and you don't feel like your so alone.


Thanks for your comment. I saw the infectious dz dr yesterday who was very thorough in examining and explaining HSV to me. He took me off valtrex and put me on acyclovir which i notice has less side effects. Valtrex gave me severe joint pain and headaches and made me feel nauseated. The dr also stated that I should not put anything on the sores. So im going to give this new medicine a chance to see what happens next. I go back to him in 2 weeks


I just found out today that I have Herpes!! I don't want to live, and I'm seriously thinking about Ending my life!! This is to much!!


I felt the same way when I was diagnosed with herpes. It felt like my whole world was ending and sometimes I still get depressed but you gotta keep living and keep your head up. I realize that having herpes is not the end of the's only the beginning. You have to understand that you're not alone. I suggest you read every post on this site and stay in communication with your doctor and if you don't have a these post about the natural way to treat herpes...some of the postings on treatment helps


Ok..finally saw the infectious dz specialist!! Yippy!! He was too cool! He put me on Acyclovir which is so much better than Valtrex. Valtrex gave me severe muscle cramping and severe headaches. Acyclovir is better..NO OUTBREAK LATELY!!! I also continue to take One-a-day vitamin and Emergen-C powder with water. However, I do regret putting baking soda on i have scars down in vag area. But I'll continue with applying Vitamin E on them. I have been drinking this juice that contains spinach, carrots, apples, pears, & bananas in it, which is all alkalinic based. I see my dr again next week..He is going to take me off acyclovir to monitor my outbreaks...I got to see how this is going to work..i hope i don't have any OB...but i'll continue with my other vitamins and my special juice!!!

choccake done with the acyclovir..waiting to see my doctor..but my menstrual has not started. It's a week late..I'm not pregnant b/c condom were used since last sex. Im just wondering if this is normal? People say that Im stressed but I don't feel stressed. I just dont want another herpes outbreak..not now..not ever..any suggestions???

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