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With all the remedies and advice on here, there is also something i wanted to add.. they say vasaline but please do not torcher your kids with this.. it takes weeks to come out of the hair ( my mother tried it) worked but not worth it. Washing EVERYTHING!! HOT WATER and laundry detergent and use the dryer.. its helps.. clothes socks sheets comforters.. everything.. spray everything down with the spray stuff at your drug store.. even the mattress and pillows. Hair brushes, dont just spray them.. Boil them! while treating you or your child, after take those clothes off and wash them too. (believe me this is an all day thing) also do what the box of rid or nix says.. reapply in 7-10 days.. these little blood suckers (yes they suck your blood like a flee) hatch and sometimes the shampoo doesnt get them gone.. also, after that, get your child's hair cut shorter.. this helps if its comes back. I hate to say it, the best stuff is the stuff with pesticides.. i know we dont like the thought but, seriously think about what you are dealing with.

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I beg to differ, the treatments with the pesticides are not the best. After months of battling lice with 5 girls all with different hair types, no NIX , RID or prescription helped. WHat did help was mayo (has to be real mayo) put a shower cap on their heads leave on for a few hours ( I did 4 ) rinse mayo out used cocnut conditioner (I used Suave)combed with a METAL nit comb. Everything came out of their hair. Its been 2 weeks now and we still haven't had a problem. I also added tea tree oil to their shampoo and conditioner

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