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A spoon of mustard works everytime.

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I tried it...twice in two hours...
nothing. :-( Although I did get a bit of air out orally that I hadn't been able to do before. But it's the other end that I need to get the air out from!!!! lol ;-)
Glad other folks had success.


I wish I could say this worked for me, but it didn't :( I say try it, you've got nothing to lose, but it just didn't help me.

Happy Lady

Love love love this remedy!! Worked well for me within just a few minutes!! A life saver after tossing n turning all night from pain discomfort in my stomach! 👌


Made me feel a lot better! Didn't know if this was gonna work or not but my discomfort has reduced quite a lot. I washed down a tbsp of normal mustard with a cup of peppermint tea. I still have some discomfort but its a lot less now. I can actually lay down and go to sleep!


I was in soo much pain. It worked great plus I soaked my body in hot water which helped to.


So, I'm at work and have had this pain since Saturday is tuesday morning and the pain has moved to my back, abdomen, side, other side, etc. Simethicone didn't do much, i made a tea with dried bay leaves and it helped alot, but this morning, the pain, cramping is at my lower belly and annoying. Couldn't move the past 2 days.... I found 4 mustard packets in my desk, lol, we shall see in a few if this works or not.


can i use black mustard to releafe from gas


Totally awesome! This is great! I was so miserable, I felt like I was pregnant, I was so bloated and gassy! Thank you for sharing!


This is amazing!!! Thank you for posting this.

Indy Chick

OOOOMMMGGGGGG THANK YOU SOOO MUCH....I've been in pain for days. It worked right away.

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