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A spoon of mustard works everytime.

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Thank you so much..A couple of teaspoons and the thunderstorm in my stomach stopped..


Omg!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!


Well it's now 3:10am est after all day n night of this painful trapped gas in my chest and back is now finally relieved sorry to say that tums didn't work nor the mustard. I had to literally make myself throw up and few minutes after that the gas and pain went away. I had to get it out some how not something that I would normally do, but I am glad I did.


Thank you thank you! Something that works and isn't gross! I'd been sick and not eating much for a couple days, so yesterday I woke up waaaay to hungry, and my body just freaked out. Excruciating gas pains. Walking, crouching, butt in the air, all help a tiny bit. Farting, burping, throwing up all help briefly. But the mustard! It helped me pass more gas, and I was actually able to go to sleep!

Katie C.

AMAZING!!! Whoever posted this, I am so grateful!! One spoonful and the pain was gone before I made it from the kitchen back to my bed!! Just one more reason to love my yellow calorie-free favorite condiment!!


its amazing how horrible you can feel with a little gas build up. I took about a table spoon of regular yellow mustard , and in a matter of 30 seconds it made me burp I feel so much better


Wow, had a colonoscopy today, was fine until the drugs wore off then wham!! Severe abdominal pain that had me laid up in excruciating pain for well over an hour. 1st remedy was take a walk, even though in pain it helped, but as soon as I came home, Bam the pain was still excruciating. Tried downward dog, crunches, pacing the room, nada helped then read this mustard remedy. Instant relief, and the gas is coming out about 5 minutes later, thank you whoever posted this, you are an angel!


I was in excruciating pain all night long. If I only knew just a spoonful of mustard would work. It is the miracle medicine! I tried everything else from a spoonful of olive oil, warm bath to bean-o nothing worked as great as mustard!!


OMG! I have been in severe pain for about 4 days. I took a pregnancy test to make sure I wasn't pregnant and just had an upset stomach. I have taken dulcolax, Tums, Rolaids, gas-x, Miralax,done all kinds of positions, hot bath, heating pad... nothing worked. I found this post while searching Google and I was very skeptical but tried it any way. Within 10 mins I was belching and the pain has almost subsided completely. Thank you to who ever posted this crazy yet genius idea. Now to see how the rest of the night goes & to see if this completely helps or not.


OMG!!!!! It do work!!!!

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