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A spoon of mustard works everytime.

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Wow omg thank God


Thane this really works


How is this not better known! Awesome remedy, 100% positive result! 2 tea spoons, felt much better in minutes.


This really works within minutes the pain of severe gas was gone. Even gas pills didn't work.

Vanilla chai

I was in pain all day and I mean extreme pain in my back, lower stomach and just all over. I came across this and knowing I hate the taste of mustard said I have to try something..low and behold after 10 minutes I was passing the gas that had me in tremendous pain. It does work..take it from a non believer!!


Good thinking! Turmeric is a key ingredient in mustard. Tastes good and works great. Thanks.


Definitly work I was in pain for 2 hours then took a spoon of mustard and washed it down with some water I was great in 2 min,


Thank you so much I some how became vapor locked had abdomenal pain in the afternoons and nights for like 3 days so bad it was swelling my intestines witch would push on a nerve making my upper back hurt and so tonight I looked up home remedies and found this.
Took 1 tbl spoon and it worked instantly and took another 5 minutes later for extra measure. Thank you this was a god send the lord answered my prayer with your home remedy!!!


mustards contain Fennel


Within 20 minutes this remedy had gas dispersing from my body and settled the uncomfortable feeling. Excellent!

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