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A spoon of mustard works everytime.

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I had been hurting for hours. I desperately found this site. Thank you. I ran to get the mustard and instant relief,


thanks a lot.


I am really going through a bad phase of acid reflux and medicines are not helping. Does mustard means mustard seeds also called Rai in hindi? Thanks for your help.


I just shit my pants bc of this. thanks


This seems to work well. My pain stopped instantly. Thanks!


I'm glad I read something that worked! I had a lot of trapped gas after my colonoscopy and I could not expel it. After taking 1 tsp of spicy mustard (which also tasted good to me) it caused a deep burp which helped relive the pain. I also took a second tsp and felt better. Since the gas was so low in my abdomen I couldn't burp it all out but it did make a significant difference.


This sucks and made my pain worse. :(

Jeanine Queen

OMG!!!!!The best thing ever!!!


Whoever came up with this remedy thanks a million I've been in so much pain for months I tried this mustard remedy and viola in less than 3mins I was passing gas top and bottom trust me it works


It worked for me. A tablespoon of yellow mustard and within 5 minutes, I was burping! Thank you,

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