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A spoon of mustard works everytime.

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This is working for me


This is amazing. I went from having to crawl to the kitchen for the mustard to 5 minutes later being able to walk back after taking a spoonful of it.


I was having the pains under my breastbone untill i tried the mustard thx for the home remedy


thank you so much!! I have been struggling with gas for years!!


Will any type of mustard do?


That was amazing!! It work in under 3 minutes!!


Thank you so much! I woke up out of my sleep in the worst pain ever, it was so bad I thought about going to the hospital! I took two and a half teaspoons of regular mustard from my fridge and instantly my stomach started to growl and it was gone!


Fart or burp


I have severe gas pains from Zofran (Ondansatron). I took a tablespoon of organic trader joes mustard. So far so good. Thank you!


Wow! This is a miracle cure. I hate mustard, but was willing to try anything because I was in so much pain and anti-gas medication was no help. I felt like I was going to explode. Took a few spoonfuls and washed it down with water and a few minutes later I burped. 10-15 min. later I was back to normal after hours of debilitating pain.

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