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Wow...I absolutely love this site! I have been struggling with head lice wIth all three of my daughters and after countless amount of money spent on otc medicines I decided to try something else. After reading everyones home remedies I have FINALLY gotten rid of those annoying little suckers!! All it took was dawn dish soap, olive oil, and conditioner (no one in particular). I mixed 1/2 cup of dawn and 1/2 cup of olive oil. I lathered each one of my daughters hair and let it sit for about an hour. Afterwards I rinsed out the hair and used conditioner just to smooth out hair. Those lice didn't stand a chance! They were falling out like crazy. I then used a blow dryer to blow them out of their hair! Tomorrow....I will do it on myself because after seeing all those lice I feel things crawling on me....ewwww!

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I want to try this on my child but I'm concern about the lice/nits. It kills them or do they fall out alive? After I blow dry her hair do I have to worry about them falling around the house? Please help!


Will gain dish soap work as well?


Can u use veggie oil?


It does also work with veggie oil just did it with veggie oil on my daughters hair worked great


Coconut oil works great too.


hi.. i used these mixtures didnt work at all!! :(

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