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I have a broken tooth with the nerve exposed and one thing I found helped a ton was cheese! Sounds weird but try it! Any cheese with cheddar in it or the white yellow mixed and put it in the hole where the nerve is and presto instant relief! I've been eating a lot of cheese sticks....

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My friend just sent me this link because my tooth pain was so bad, i was in tears it was throbbing and pulsing and i was reading some of the remedies, most of the stuff i didnt have around the house, so i tried the cheese one.. OMG thank you so much!! yes i still feel a small amount of pain, but nothing close to what it was!!!

sheldon barth

Tnx alot, its midnight sunday and im struggling with toothache, the cheese works


i havent slept for over a week and this instantly helped ive tried clove of oil , tablets , vodka but this was amazing !!! also try bread over the effected area works a treat


im going to try to get my gf to try this i hope it works


Omg , all I can say is wowww

How did this person come up with this cheeeese idea

I rolled a ball of small cheese and placed it onto my teeth , ( bad one) I put it on the hole of it though.


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