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The two things that i find help if a cold sore has already formed is applying a tea bag to it and using Eucalyptus oil. This seems to dry it out within a day.

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I use and it has helped to dry it up and peroxide or eucalyptus.


I hit myself on the head and said, 'Duh,' as I read the idea of teabags. Of course. There's an over-the counter medicine for cold sores called Tanac, named for the ingredient of tannic acid, which is present in tea, and has always worked for me. I would suggest wetting the teabags with hot water, letting them cool, squeezing them out and using them that way. As an added benefit, keep them in the fridge and use them in the morning on your eyes. Helps bags and wrinkles and feels great.

sum guy

ummmm....wat kind of tea...

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