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Dr. ordered: ROPINROLE 2MG 1 tablet 3x daily! After 20 years of 'home remedies' the only true relief is DOPAMINE!!!

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Exactly! Restless Legs is caused by low dopamine levels in the brain. Only a doctor can prescribe meds to address this. To all of you folks that find relief with bars of soap, teas, magnets, vitamins, homeopathic scams, etc. Good For You, but placebos only work for up to 30% of the people. If the definition of a home remedy is something that you can do without a prescription, there is NO home remedy for Restless Legs. SEE A DOCTOR, GET MEDS!

Dave Burrows


Oops, I believe that's RopinIrole, more often called Requip. This did keep RLS away for 6 or 8 months when it was first prescribed. My doc doesn't want to increase the dose past 2 mg., or even to change to a different med.


Ropinarole doesn't work if you severe restlessness I tried it for about 6 mos. Now I have it in my arms too! It's 4.24 am so I'm having a nasty episode now.


I have suffered from RLS in my legs AND arms for years. I took Requip for a couple of years then it stopped working. I have been taking Mirapex 3 X daily and 10 mg Ambien at bedtime. While I sleep through the night, I do have some RLS symptoms during the day.


I've had restless leg all my life and only in the last 10 years have we discovered that mirapex works. It doesn't CURE it but it gives me relief in the evenings when without it I would go crazy. This is a horrible alement!


My doctor prescribed this also, except every time I take it I get nauseous and fainty. Does this happen to anyone else?


Had this BAD about 10 years ago & a great doc said take a high quality calcium just before bed & it worked
great! Now I can't find that calcium OR that doc and its come back. Tried drinking 3-6 C. quinine H2O at bedtime and IT worked great ...for 7 days! Doctors, even pain docs, seem to be dumbfounded or just dismissive of this terrible problem. I often don't sleep until 5 or 6 in the morning. Am recovering from a horrible accident, so its possible to sleep until 1pm sometimes, but it can't go on; and yet it might. Forget the bars of soap: thats just silly. This is a very real affliction, and we need very real help. Anyone?


Tramadol is the cure. I have suffered with RLS for a long time and the only time the Tramadol doesnt work is when I run out. Get it and you will forget about RLS.

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