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I get constipated when I travel. I find that for complete predictability, fast action,thoroughness, and insignificant expense, nothing beats the time-honored soapsuds enema. Purchase a 2 quart (1 litre) fountain syringe, $4.95 at most WalMarts. Mix Ivory (or some other mild soap, NOT detergent) in water that is slightly hot on your wrist. Fill the bag let the water flow to let the air out of the hose close the clamp and hang it 2-3 ft above you, whether you choose to lie on the bed or on the floor. Lie om your left side and pull your legs into a gently bent position. Insert the nozzle. (Hint, the douche nozzle provides a gentler flow, AND stays in place better.) OPen the hose clamp and RELAX. If it begins to hurt, close the clamp and wait for the pain to ease, then resume filling. A normal adult can easily take a full bag. If youare giving one to a constipated child, halfa bag for children 6 to 12. Do not give to a younger child w/o consulting a doctor. Children over 12 can take the full bag. The longer you hold the enema, the better it will work. I suggest doing your first few on the bathroom floor, as acidents are messy. After your first few times, you will know when to get on the toilet. If you want a complete bowel cleansing, continue taking the soapy enemas until you are releasing clean water. Follow up the soapy enema(s) with a plain water rinse.

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