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I get constipated when I travel. I find that for complete predictability, fast action,thoroughness, and insignificant expense, nothing beats the time-honored soapsuds enema. Purchase a 2 quart (1 litre) fountain syringe, $4.95 at most WalMarts. Mix Ivory (or some other mild soap, NOT detergent) in water that is slightly hot on your wrist. Fill the bag let the water flow to let the air out of the hose close the clamp and hang it 2-3 ft above you, whether you choose to lie on the bed or on the floor. Lie om your left side and pull your legs into a gently bent position. Insert the nozzle. (Hint, the douche nozzle provides a gentler flow, AND stays in place better.) OPen the hose clamp and RELAX. If it begins to hurt, close the clamp and wait for the pain to ease, then resume filling. A normal adult can easily take a full bag. If youare giving one to a constipated child, halfa bag for children 6 to 12. Do not give to a younger child w/o consulting a doctor. Children over 12 can take the full bag. The longer you hold the enema, the better it will work. I suggest doing your first few on the bathroom floor, as acidents are messy. After your first few times, you will know when to get on the toilet. If you want a complete bowel cleansing, continue taking the soapy enemas until you are releasing clean water. Follow up the soapy enema(s) with a plain water rinse.

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This is about good heath.

Enemas are an important health tool in the health equation.


Hello Mom Believes in Enema Remedy’s

You are so welcome, and I enjoyed your comments as well. I think that you are correct about not using soap in the enema. I believe that warm water with glycerin and sea salt can be something added to help promote a good BM. I have had to give my granddaughters a few enemas in the past 3 years. My youngest granddaughter is now 6 years old, but does seem to still become constipated from time to time. I recently began using the enema bag on her and her older sister who just turned 9. They are reasonably accepting when told that’ grandma is going to give them an enema. Introducing them to the enema bag took some doing, but once they became accustomed to it they did pretty good. As you know the bag is different than the enema bulb, but seems to work much better. There is a little fussing when it is administered as their tummy is being filled, but they manage to take what is in the bag. I usually repeat the enema a second time just to insure that I was able to do a thorough job. I am not sure what kind of bag that you have, but mine is a 2 quart open top fountain syringe bag. I have separate enema nozzles for each child to have their own. I also give myself enemas as needed for constipation, but because the fountain syringe came with a larger douche nozzle I use that when I take my enema. I have a separate larger 3 quart bag that has a red 20” colon tube attached to the long enema hose that I generally use once in a great while, but mostly I use the regular 2 quart bag. If interested in writing me direct for further correspondence my email address I share with my daughter is I hope to hear from you soon maybe.

Mom believes in enemas


You use Charlotte as user name; but, have “man” in your e mail addy

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Please do be honest and open. Much appreciated



Mom Believes in Enemas

In coming on these blogs as a male it seems with regards to the topic of enemas I sometimes get the co.d shoulder thinking that I a pervert, but my wife actually does give my granddaughters enemas. If still interested in corresponding I would appreciate it.


Mom Believes in Enemas


Terry are you also on here as Charlotte?


My wife is Charlotte. She made a couple of entries about our granddaughters, but I responded for her.

Mom Believes in Enemas

Terry (AKA Charlotte)

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Terry (AKA Charlotte)

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"My wife is Charlotte. She made a couple of entries about our granddaughters, but I responded for her."

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Terry (A K A. Charlotte) hey you are a distraction to the other wise great posts on here and the great information given in all of the various remedies on this page.

So why ruin it?

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