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I get constipated when I travel. I find that for complete predictability, fast action,thoroughness, and insignificant expense, nothing beats the time-honored soapsuds enema. Purchase a 2 quart (1 litre) fountain syringe, $4.95 at most WalMarts. Mix Ivory (or some other mild soap, NOT detergent) in water that is slightly hot on your wrist. Fill the bag let the water flow to let the air out of the hose close the clamp and hang it 2-3 ft above you, whether you choose to lie on the bed or on the floor. Lie om your left side and pull your legs into a gently bent position. Insert the nozzle. (Hint, the douche nozzle provides a gentler flow, AND stays in place better.) OPen the hose clamp and RELAX. If it begins to hurt, close the clamp and wait for the pain to ease, then resume filling. A normal adult can easily take a full bag. If youare giving one to a constipated child, halfa bag for children 6 to 12. Do not give to a younger child w/o consulting a doctor. Children over 12 can take the full bag. The longer you hold the enema, the better it will work. I suggest doing your first few on the bathroom floor, as acidents are messy. After your first few times, you will know when to get on the toilet. If you want a complete bowel cleansing, continue taking the soapy enemas until you are releasing clean water. Follow up the soapy enema(s) with a plain water rinse.

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I came across this site quite by accident, but will add my comments regarding constipation and my belief that enemas are the best natural solution to the problem. I have found that the less chemicals and pharmaceuticals into our system the better off we will be. When I was growing up in the late 40s and early 50s there did not exist the wide range of prescription remedies as we have today, but constipation was as prevalent then as it is now. My mother always addressed constipation with one remedy, and that was a soapy enema given either by a bulb syringe or an enema bag. I am 70 years old and have helped raise my children as well as my grandchildren, and I will tell you that I gave all 3 of my daughters enemas at one time or another. My daughters have even asked me to give my grandchildren enemas when they became constipated or had tummy aches. I remember just 3 years ago having to give. Y granddaughter an enema when she was just 3 years of age. I prepared a pan of warm soapy water using ivory soap and took her into the bathroom and laid her over my lap and gave her a very thorough enema. She had not had a bowel movement going on 4 days; as a result, she was experiencing a tummy ache due to her being constipated. I sat her on the potty chair and proceeded to prepare a soapy enema, something that I had not done in over a year when I had to do it for her older sister. The enema took about 30 minutes in all. My recommendation for giving an enema to a child is to lay them over your lap and after filling a 3-4 oz bulb syringe lubricate the tip insert the enema and slowly squeeze its contents. You will need to refill the enema bulb 2-3 times. After this hold them over your lap for 3-5 minutes or until they fuss and tell you they need to poop. At this point just place them on the potty chair or toilet and allow them to release the enema. You may find it a good idea to repeat this with using warm tap water. They are going to fuss and squirm, but believe me this definitely works. My granddaughter Amy literally filled the potty chair, but since she was so constipated I had to repeat the soapy enema twice before it worked. After she filled the potty chair I emptied it and repeated the enema a 3rd time with warm tap water. Remember with older children you will need to give the soapy enema using an enema bag. I hope this helps. I know that it reflects on previous comments.


Sad but constipation is more common with children today than years ago. It causes other ills. Discomfort, headaches, tummy aches, bad behavior and other issues.

NOT a doctor/medical person. Consult with your doctor beforing giving or taking a enema. Always get ok from doctor first!

Best never to dip the nozzle into the Vaseline jar. Always remove some with clean finger. Then apply to the nozzle. Do not contaminate the container.

Very good comments given by others.

Enemas were a common home remedy in the 50s and 60s

Then went out of use when laxatives and other methods came along.

The enema is coming back. I work in a health food sore. The enema is asked about often. IMHO a natural home remedy. Not giving slow acting harsh chemicals, pills and liquids.

Always consult with doctor before taking or giving a enema.

Natural Healing Mom

Without a doubt the enema is the best home remedy for constipation and other ills.

Natural. Does not hurt. Always works.

Read in book Prescription For Nutrional Healing and other sources.

Every home should hav a bulb and a bag

Barb D

Constipation Home Remedy. Very good home remedy topic!

Growing up in the 50s the home remedy for constipation was the dreaded castor oil. Ugh horrible tasting stuff.

My mom always made all iof us ate lots of fiber. Drank plenty of water and got some exercise daily. Her, my aunt and grand ma always kept a eye on BMs

Being 6 years older than my oldest brother, I remember this very well.

Mothers today let their kids eat too much junk foods. They are not keeping track of BMs

The child should have a daily BM.

Besides fiber, drinking plenty of water, eating well, exercise....a enema is a very good home remedy for constipation.

Good for the child and grownup as well.

Bulb syringe is good for the younger child. Especially toddler. The enema bag is good for older child and grown up.

Please consult with medical professionals I.e. doctor, before giving or taking a enema.

enema daddy

regular enemas are very good for children. my daughter was raised with them using baking soda and water. she got an enema about every two weeks or when her attitude or health called for one. most of her enemas were given to her by her mom but sometime I gave them to her as well. I had a method which worked very well for her. first I would give her a good filling, as much as she could comfortably hold then stop the flow to giver her a rest then I would open the clamp FULLY and let the enema run in quickly as she slowly counted to 10. she was allowed to release right away and always got a very good cleaning out. she would be LITERRALLY singing and dancing after getting an enema.


Thread is “Constipation Home Remedy”

Hopefully this thread will keep to its title.

I would love to hear more comments regarding home remedies for constipation.

Yes, agree the enema is a good home constipation home remedy. Given by most moms years ago. And seem to be making a rapid comeback into the home. Guessing the reason is people are no longer wanting to take harsh laxatives, pills and other chemicals. Instead learning of this wonderful natural remedy for constipation: the home enema.

Hope this good thread does not become enema storytelling.

I think most agree and will comply.

Let’s keep it to constipation home remedies. Yes include if enemas worked for you or your family.


As Few have stated above, consult with appropriate medical doctor before giving enemas or other remedies.


Enema daddy, your comment does not sound medically appropriate. In fact, sounds dangerous and dumb.

Do sincerely hope you had clearance from a naturopathic doctor to administer it that way.


Great comments! I'm an 81 yr. old female, and definitely agree that soapsuds enemas work most effectively for constipation. This tradition should be used regularly, as in the past. There's not enough said about the effectiveness of soapsuds enemas.

Mom Believes in Enema remedy

The soap suds enema was (is) very effective for constipation.

It is now felt the soap suds enema, and the Fleet enema, can be harmful.

You can read this information on line.

I no longer give or take a soapy enema. I give, or get, a plain warm water enema, a oil retention enema or a herbal enema.

The garlic or catnip enema is very good for fever reduction.

As soon as one of my children becomes ill, constipated, moody, has headaches, etc he is given a enema.

The enema cleanses. Removes harmful toxins, soothes and is calming.

I believe the enema is a excellent home remedy to give.

I have a enema bulb syringe and a enema bag in the home.

As soon as a enema is needed I prepare everything then bring him to where the enema will be administered. Most of the time I give the enema across my lap. Put a towel on my lap and have him across my lap face down on his tummy. This is a very good way to administer a enema to the toddler with the bulb.

As mentioned above the bulb syringe may be refilled a few times.

After two bulb full he will usually tell me “enough.” I know he needs more than one bulb full for a good enema. So he is given two or three bulb full. Retain the enema for a few minutes then taken to expell the enema. If the results are not good or no BM, then the enema is repeated.

Most toddlers will complain when he knows he is going to get a enema. Be firm and calm. Let him know he will be getting a enema. And fussing will not get him out of it.

Tell him the enema will help him and he will fell better after it.

It is best to talk with your doctor before giving enemas.

Enemas are better than giving laxatives and chemicals.

Many believe enemas are old fashioned and no longer given. This is not true.

I work in a natural food sore and spa. We give colonics at the spa. Many ask there about enemas.

Recently a new neighbor of mine was over with her two children .....afternoon visit. Boys 5 and 8

After talking we got into natural home remedies. I told her I gave enemas.

To my surprise She told me she gave her oldest one a enema that morning. This came as a surprise because I thought I was the only mom who gave them!

I asked what she used for his enema. She told me she gave it with the bag and it helped him. Immediately felt better after he got it. We discussed health and even talked about the enema as a good home remedy.

She told enemas are given often in her home and they are great. I agreed with her.

Again, a reminder not medical advice. You need to speak with your doctor if the enema is ok to give in your home.

Mom Believes in Enema Remedy’s

Charlotte thanks for your comment. I hope it helped others to learn of the enema and how beneficial they are.

Glad you mentioned the less chemicals the better off we are.

Your way of giving the enema was how my mom and aunt gave them.

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