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I get constipated when I travel. I find that for complete predictability, fast action,thoroughness, and insignificant expense, nothing beats the time-honored soapsuds enema. Purchase a 2 quart (1 litre) fountain syringe, $4.95 at most WalMarts. Mix Ivory (or some other mild soap, NOT detergent) in water that is slightly hot on your wrist. Fill the bag let the water flow to let the air out of the hose close the clamp and hang it 2-3 ft above you, whether you choose to lie on the bed or on the floor. Lie om your left side and pull your legs into a gently bent position. Insert the nozzle. (Hint, the douche nozzle provides a gentler flow, AND stays in place better.) OPen the hose clamp and RELAX. If it begins to hurt, close the clamp and wait for the pain to ease, then resume filling. A normal adult can easily take a full bag. If youare giving one to a constipated child, halfa bag for children 6 to 12. Do not give to a younger child w/o consulting a doctor. Children over 12 can take the full bag. The longer you hold the enema, the better it will work. I suggest doing your first few on the bathroom floor, as acidents are messy. After your first few times, you will know when to get on the toilet. If you want a complete bowel cleansing, continue taking the soapy enemas until you are releasing clean water. Follow up the soapy enema(s) with a plain water rinse.

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Just take a wad of toilet paper and run hot water on it. then hold it against your bottom while you sit on toilet. this relaxes your muscles. It works !!!!


Susan, hope you still read on here. Thanks for telling about the soapsuds enema!

My mom and aunt gave soapsuds enemas for constipation.

I agree with you "nothing beats the time honored soapsuds enema." Too bad many moms no longer give this home remedy.

I also have a two quart red rubber enema bag. Use it when needed.

For my kids, I use a 8oz enema bulb syringe.

Soapy water for the enemas was made with a bar of ivory soap. Only use ivory soap! Make a mild, very mild, soapy solution in a pan of water. Swishing the bar in the warm water. Or move the bar in your hands under the running water into the pan. It will be ready when the water just starts to turn milk white. Not too strong. Pour the soapy water into the enema bag. If using a bulb syringe, suck the solution up into the bulb. Refill the enema bulb as needed.

I now make the soapy water with a bar of goat's milk soap. Get it from Kristina sells it as Made For Enema Soap bar.

But you can buy the same in most health food stores.

I give enemas on a table on a towel. For my enemas I get them on the bed on a towel. Never had a accident -- "mess."

You are right! Relax. Take deep breaths in and out of open mouth when getting an enema. Relax.

After a soapsuds enema, I always do a plain warm water enema.

I retain the enema for as long as possible. About 5 min or so.

I encourage my kids to retain it as long a possible.

Victoria A

OMG soapsuds enemas! Don't run off and scream. They are not that bad and work. For all of you anti enema people...don't knock it till you tried it .

Enemas have been given for years and years. They work!

If doing a soapsuds enemas always follow it by a plain warm water enema.

When growing up if I was constipated and stayed home from school, she would ask if I had a BM. Then the next thing I saw was her making a pan of warm soapy water. Making it with a bar of ivory in the sink! Having gotten a few of them before, I knew what was coming. Seems no matter what my answer was, an enema was given!

Called to the bathroom and there was a full bag of warm soapy water! Sometimes it was given on the bed on a towel. After the soapy enema she gave a plain warm water enema.

I give the same to my three. Very seldom need to give one but when one of them needs a good enema, it is a warm soapsuds enema. After expelling a plain warm water enema is given. It works every time. They feel better after getting an enema.

Vicky M

Yes a soapsuds enema works! Not painful. Make with mild soapy warm water.

I always get a plain warm water enema about a hour or so after getting a SSE

Growing up the soapsuds enema was given in our home.

Whenever I saw my mom getting a pan and the bar of ivory soap out I knew one was going to be given.

I also gave soapsuds enemas to multifaceted.

Vicky M

omg the auto spell checker on here got me LOL

"multifaceted" means "my kids"

OMG how did it change it like that ?? LOL



I am a mother of 4 grown children and remember giving a soap suds enema many times when they became constipated or were irritable. I have had chronic constipation all of my life. I am 55 years old and find that the soap suds enema in a large enema bag given on my knees in the bathroom does wonders. Sometimes I have to fill the bag up a second time to get my bowels to move, but after I am able to sit on the toilet and have a good bowel movement I always take a plain water enema as a rinse. I do not take laxatives, but may use a glycerin suppository once in awhile, but generally speaking I use an enema bag with hot soapy water to address the problem.


BbTW, if anyone wants to write me direct regarding how to take an effective enema series with colon tube write me at I have taken colon tube high enema series for years. I believe this is by far the most effective enema series that one can take when constipated.


Hi Divorced Mom

I just wanted to add my take on giving an enema to a constipated child. When my children were young, between 4 and 7 when they became constipated I would use an 8 oz. enema bulb syringe and warm soapy water to give them their enemas, but I found it easier to have them undress completely and lay across my lap to receive the enema. Also, I found that it was necessary to refill the bulb syringe 3-4 times for the older children and 2-3 times for the younger ones. Never be afraid to repeat the enema if the first one doesn’t provide a good bowel movement. I most always had to put them back over my lap a second time in order for the enema to be effective. I hope this helps. You can find 8 oz. bulb syringess atvWalgreens or Walmart.

Karen (mom of 4)


I also wanted to explain step by step how I would prepare and administer a soap suds enema to one of my children using a bulb syringe. First, I would put my child at ease by telling him or her that mommy had to give you a little enema to make your tummy feel better. In spite of reassurances most children don’t care for enemas since they are a little uncomfortable. Next, I prepare a pan of warm soapy water as described by Susan above using ivory soap. Once the water is nice and milky white and sudsy I take the pan into the bathroom where I will remove the bulb syringe from the pantry along with a jar of Vaseline. After this I bring my 5 year old daughter, in this case, into the bathroom and undress her out of her pajamas. I prefer to have the child undressed at least from the waist down to provide less restriction of movement. Once the child is undressed and ready I will fill the enema bulb by squeezing g the bulb completely and slowly releasing it as the syringe fills. Once the bulb is full I will dip the tip of the bulb in the Vaseline to lubricate it for easier insertion. After that I am ready to administer the enema. Keep the pan of soapy water and vaseline nearby as you will be refilling the bulb and lubricating the enema tip several times. Next I take my daughter and lay her across my lap. Using my free left hand I spread her right butt cheek to expose the anus and then I slowly insert the enema tip into her rectum. Once the bulb is fully inserted I slowly squeeze the bulb until the bulb is empty. You will hear a whoosh sound indicating the bulb is empty. When you withdraw the empty bulb keep it depressed so as not to draw any solution back into the bulb. I will keep my daughter in position as I refill the bulb several more times until I have given her 4 bulbs full. Remember to go slow. My daughter is usually very good until the last two bulbs are given at which time she will tend to grunt and squirm. This is normal as the child is beginning to feel full, besides the soapy solution is now beginning to work on loosening the hard stool in her rectum and lower colon. After I have given 4 bulbs I set the bulb aside and then allow her to relax and hold the enema. I will gently squeeze her buttocks together to allow holding the enema easier. After 5 minutes or when she begins to really show signs of real discomfort I then place her on the toilet to release the enema. I allow her plenty of time to expel the enema. After she has released the enema I most always repeat this entire procedure using plain warm tap water. I do everything the same except that I use tap water. This is how I have always administered enemas to my children between the ages of 4 and 7. When they turned 7 the enemas were administered using an enema bag lying on a towel on a bed. Before I administer an enema I usually try to get their bowels to move using natural ways, and use a laxative or suppository when that does not work. If you get to the point where a laxative or suppository does not produce a BM then it is time to give the child an enema. This is an easy procedure, but just know that there may be a little fussing and squirming. Once you begin giving the enema don’t relent half way through. The child needs to take all 3-4 bulbs for it to be effective, and believe me it will be. Their tummy will hurt for a short time, but after it’s over my children always felt better. On e they can sit and move their little bowels the better they will feel. I hope this helps.

Karen (mom of 4)


I just came across this board while searching for what others have to say regarding remedies for constipation and thought that I would throw my two cents in for possible consideration. I am an RN with 35 years experience, and it has been spent either in a hospital or nursing home setting. I have given my fair share of laxatives, suppositories and of course SSE, which stands for soap suds enema. I will tell you that in all of my years of caring for patients that had become constipated that 9 out of 10 times neither laxatives or suppositories are effective enough to relieve the bloating and discomfort of not being able to move ones bowels completely. It is the intervention protocol to follow the laxative and suppository approach before finally getting an order from the doctor to administer a warm soapy enema to the suffering patient. Most patients, though not fond of enemas, are ready at this point to accept anything in order to get some relief. In the hospital or geriatrics setting it is standard to administer a 2 quart bag of warm soap suds to the patient while lying on their left side, or commonly referred to as the sims position. But since I am not only a nurse that has seen the effectiveness of the enema for constipation when properly prepared and administered, I am also one who, since discovering its effectiveness years ago am also one who takes regular enemas as part of an overall colon cleansing program. What I wanted to say here that is not spoken of out on the Internet is the fact that a 4 quart enema is far more effective than a regular 2 quart enema. I have taken 4 quart enemas for the past 15 years because I didvovered that when one relaxes and takes the entire 4 quarts my bowels seem to move so much better. If constipated you may or may not be able to take all 4 quarts, but you need to take as much as possible. Even 3 quarts will be better than two. I didvovered the 4 quart enema from a home bound patient I was visiting about 15 years ago, and come to her home on a visit due to the fact that she was suffering from constipation for over 4 days. She was somewhat ambulatory, but needed assistance. When I got there we chatted about her problem at which time I began to prepare a soap suds enrma with a standard 2 quart Fleet enema bag. She saw me beginning preparations and ask if I would use her enema bag instead. At first I hesitated, but after she asked me again I asked where it was located. I went into the bathroom closet only to discover this large red enema bag with acolon tube attached. After questioning her I came to understand that she a,ways took a large 4 quart enema whenever she became constipated or felt the need. I had never seen a large bag like that before. To make a long story short I agreed to prepare a soapsuds enema with this large bag. I had already been familiar with colon tubes, which is what I use for my enemas, so it was very easy to administer this enema. I was amazed at how this elderly lady was able to take the entire 4 quart enema while going slow of course. When she went to sit on the toilet I couldn’t quite believe what a large BM she passed. I did not insert the colon tube in more than 10 inches, but believe me the full 4 quarts worked smaxing results. I repeated the enema with plain tap water afterwhich she said she felt so much better. I wrote all of this to say this. Enemas using a 4 quart bag are the best treatment for constipation. You can find 4 quart enrma bags online along with red colon tubes. Throw aside your 2 quart bag and buy a larger bag as you will not be sorry. Enemas administered with a colon tube are best administered lying on your back with your buttocks elevated on a pillow or two. Begin on your left side and insert the lubricated colon tube 5-6 inches. Open the hose clamp and begin the enema flowing. Once the enema is flowing turn into your back and slowly insert the colon tube all the way in or at least 10 inches. Relax and breathe. Taking an enema using a co,on tube allows one to deliver the soapy solution higher than the rectum so as to prevent the so,Union from pooling in the rectal area causing undue pressure. Sure you will feel a fullness eventually, but the co,on tube will help prevent the severe cramps that can accompany an enema given with a standard enema nozzle that delivers the so,Union into the rectum first and fills the co,on from there. The problem with this is the fact that you begin to feel pressure right from the beginning off and on until the bag is empty, whereas with the co,on tube this is less likely to occur, and therefore you will be able to take more water into your colon. This advice should also be followed for routine enemas. I personally take an enema series every two weeks, which consist of one 4 quart soapsuds enema followed by two more back to back tap water enemas. Space each enema 15 minutes apart. Finally add sea salt or baking soda to the tap water enemas in order to add electrolytes lost during the intisl soapsuds enema. I hope this helps. For further advice post here and leave your email address and I will be more than happy to contsct you.

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