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carrie jean

Mix baking soda & peroxide in a small tuperware container to form a paste.
Take a small,square once folded piece of tin foil & form a molded teeth guard of upper teeth. (bottom separatly).
Then place a small,squared paper towel inside molded foil, add thin layer of pre-mixed paste inside.

Time:15min; Rinse; 2x week. Brush & Floss after every meal. No fail results!

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I don't quite understand the part about putting the paper towel in the foil how exactly is it placed n the teeth foil touching the teeth or paste or what$?? I'm interested!


make sure you use a really small layer of the paste, I tried it and the layer was way to thick, trust me your regret it if you don't follow the directions exactly


you hit the nail on the head!
These money hungry marketing s#$##
This is what the ingratints are don't be fooled


Thanks will try it



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