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carrie jean

Mix baking soda & peroxide in a small tuperware container to form a paste.
Take a small,square once folded piece of tin foil & form a molded teeth guard of upper teeth. (bottom separatly).
Then place a small,squared paper towel inside molded foil, add thin layer of pre-mixed paste inside.

Time:15min; Rinse; 2x week. Brush & Floss after every meal. No fail results!

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If peroxide was actually dangerous to your mouth in any way, it would say so on the bottle. In fact, it actually says you can use it as a mouth wash. So, I'm pretty sure the is the best teeth whitening method out there.


tastes horrible


Peroxide is the closest thing to water it could not possibly damage your mouth. If you look at chemistry its right next to water.. Only a dentist who charges too much would tell someone that


If I have fillings, won't the aluminum foil hurt ?!


Just have 1 or 2 gooseberries(Amla)per day. I had them for 4 days and my teeth sparkles now. it certainly works.


Where can I get a peroxide from?


Do you do this before or after brushing your teeth?


I am a dental can get a cheap fit-at-home- mouth tray in the sporting goods dept at Wal Mart...that's what I use...


tin foil hard to do when you have feelings but I have tried before it works ok


can you swallow any of it lot do you have to keep spitting every time you need to swallow

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