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carrie jean

Mix baking soda & peroxide in a small tuperware container to form a paste.
Take a small,square once folded piece of tin foil & form a molded teeth guard of upper teeth. (bottom separatly).
Then place a small,squared paper towel inside molded foil, add thin layer of pre-mixed paste inside.

Time:15min; Rinse; 2x week. Brush & Floss after every meal. No fail results!

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I know with some home remedies people get white splotches from enamel deterioration. Does that tend to happen with this method also?


i havent had such, since the paste has a consistancy through out your teeth guard!


does this really work?


How do you form the tinfoil to your teeth? I tried to press the tinfoil around my teeth but I couldn't get it to work.


Get over it dont be so self concious, I like my brown teeth, ye are all sucked in by wanting to be perfect... Dont waste your time be proud of who you are.


Thanks for sharing, looking forward to trying this method. Sounds good.

Yazmin Gallardo

I know this is true, I have been doing it for years and my teeth look nice and white always. Glad that the secret is out, dentist charge too much for whitening.


Works like a charm without breaking the bank, thanks for sharing the tip it's great 😀


My teeth were really stained by Drinking tea.
i used baking soda and I saw difference in four -five days. I'm sure the peroxide would help as well

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