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Okay so I was diagnosed today and I went to the doctors because my peeing was absolutely unbareable, and it was so sore to walk sit anything. The peeing was so awful i was screaming my face off. I read peeing in the bathtub with luke warm or cold water covering the area completely helped. Since it's only my second day of painful urination I didn't think anything would work, but pee in the bathtub! My god, of course there is still burning and pain but it's no where NEAR what I was experiencing before, I highly recommend it. So much better and I am not screaming anymore, I don't even have to stop myself because of pain. Try try try and good luck,

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I feel your pain. I went a week thinking it was a severe yeast infection and by the 7th day i was in tears and couldn't work anymore because it hurt SOOOOO bad to go pee. I finally went to the dr and he said it sounded like herpes and i thought he was stupid. He only gave me pills for 1 day and said to come back if it didn't get better. The next morning it was worse so i called an STD clinic and talked to a nurse and she said it sounded like i definitely had genital herpes and that i would need at least a weeks supply of the antiviral medications. For 5 days i was in such excruciating pain that i stayed in bed and cried my eyes out. I accepted that i had it, but getting through the pain was another ordeal. Its been day 6 now and im FINALLY able to pee on the toilet (still uncomfortable). I had to go pee in the shower every single time. The STD clinic nurse said that it got so bad because i was treating it like a yeast infection for a week prior and herpes HATES yeast infection gets worse. She also said to not wear anything tight, to walk around with a nighty and no panties. She also said to never touch the area, just blow dry your genitals after you get out of the shower with a cool setting on your blow dryer. She also said to drink tons of water so it decreases the acidity in your urine so it wouldn't burn as much. I'm still taking a few days off work because after taking these antivirals, my immune system is very compromised so i caught an awful cold now. I'm researching home remedies now because i don't ever want to take these antivirals anymore. I've read so many stories and people just touch on the pain but the pain was worse then having a baby (and i've had one.) Good luck with everything :) Hope you feel better soon.

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