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For those tortuous toothaches that make you want to cry, try this: place a solid whole ice cube in the hand opposite your body of toothache. Hold it and squeeze until the ice cube is gone. When ice cube is gone. So is your toothache. The pain subsides for many hours. Truly amazing. It's cold, but worth every moment once that pain is gone. - May God take your pain away and give you rest. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Sadly it didnt work for me i tried 2 ice cubes and still in alot of pain :(


it works! i have melted 4 tube ice though, thank you very much


For the People who didn't understand what you're supposed to do...You're supposed to take a piece of Ice and hold it in the opposite hand, of the Toothache, until it melts...You're not supposed to hold it on the Cheek, or on the Tooth, where the Toothache is...Just supposed to hold it in the opposite hand, of the Toothache, until it melts!

I think the reason this might work (not really sure if it does) is 'cause your Hand is freezing, so it takes your mind off your Toothache pain! LOL!


whoa, just did this, and I'm amazed!!! no pain, hope it stays this way. I also took the advice of someone else and put some ice in between my right index and middle fingers (in the webbing part) and man do I feel better!


Had a horrible toothache last night. Tried everything I had available...aleve, garlic, salt, vick's vapor rub...nothing worked longer than 5 minutes. Desperate for sleep, I came across this post and decided to give it a try. Within minutes, I felt relief and ended up sleeping thru the night. Woke up this morning with a dull ache and tried the ice cube again and voila...pain gone. Thank you so much for posting this!!!


Did not work for me, pain came back within a minute of doing this.


Thought it was stupid but it really helped wounder for how long

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