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For those tortuous toothaches that make you want to cry, try this: place a solid whole ice cube in the hand opposite your body of toothache. Hold it and squeeze until the ice cube is gone. When ice cube is gone. So is your toothache. The pain subsides for many hours. Truly amazing. It's cold, but worth every moment once that pain is gone. - May God take your pain away and give you rest. In Jesus name, Amen.

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omg im doing it right now and its working maybe cuz its takeing ur pain somewhere else idk iv been up for 3 days my tooth is way way rotted but its working a lil.


well i guess nothing can help me but a dentist because no ice didnt


I have a large hole in my tooth, and with it being easter weekend, dentists aren't going to be available until tuesday. So what i have done, is cut each end of a que tip off, just the the cotton end, soaked it in Listerine Mouthwash original and put it in the hole in my tooth, i have left it there and the pain has subsided.


I tried 2 pieces of ice! It worked a bit. But after I tried the bread and it worked instantly!


Everything I have tried tonight has failed me, even the garlic which has worked for me in the past. I'm holding the ice cube right now, as I type this with the other hand and to my surprise I can feel the pain easing up already. It could be that the ice is causing so much pain in my hand that I don't notice the tooth but that's ok....I can deal with the pain from the ice much better than I can the tooth!


Thank u very much it works.


Wow this really worked I was sweating and had the most blinding pain for the while morning round about 4 hours held the ice cube in my hand for 5 mins and the pains subsided I also rubbed bonjela on it teething gel choline salicylate is the ingredient and it's way cheaper than the chemist toothache rub $36 a tube teething gel $7 worked for awhile I also have been taking nurofen plus but it's not working anymore,hope to get this tooth pulled in the next couple of days


I love you for this!!!

Barbara Perez

it really does work. thank you thank you so much. the throbbing pain and feeling has subsided


Wow it helped mi a lot it does work thank you Jesus

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