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For those tortuous toothaches that make you want to cry, try this: place a solid whole ice cube in the hand opposite your body of toothache. Hold it and squeeze until the ice cube is gone. When ice cube is gone. So is your toothache. The pain subsides for many hours. Truly amazing. It's cold, but worth every moment once that pain is gone. - May God take your pain away and give you rest. In Jesus name, Amen.

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I tried this 'remedy' exactly like it said and it didn't do anything. Totally bogus! What a croc! I feel like an idiot for even trying it now. Thanks for nothing.


It sorta worked....maybe cuz I'm an atheist?


Thank you so much. In 5 minutes my husband was asleep after being up all night an trying everything :)


Thank you so much. I have also used all the classic home remedies and this is the only one that actually worked and instantly! It's amazing.

P. Kato

Didn't work.


ammazzing cant belive this worked but it did tooth ach gone but hand hurts


It's helped alot! Must be a pressure Point thank you so much! And God is good!


Worked, took the edge off


Doing this right now and its the first time today i havent been miserable!


Its helping but not completely gone must havr done something wrong..

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