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jane doe

skin colored mole/wart/skin flap

had a flesh colored mole on my face and was uncomfortable with it
i tried every home remedy for years to get rid of it...nothing worked!I purchased some wart remover used that for a few weeks it didnt work it kept coming back .As i peeled the dried skin and it was a little raw from after using the wart remover i immediatly put peroxide on a q-tip held it on there it started to bubble and dry it i did that several times a day after a week it was gone.

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jane doe

UPDATE... its still gone no longer need to use peroxide. I kept using it for a couple extra weeks to be on the safe side.


Hydroxide.... Was that Hydrogen Peroxide? Full strength?


no just regular peroxide,the kind you get from walmart


Is the wart remover a necessary step? Or can you just hold the peroxide to it a few times a day?


I used the wart remover to make it raw then I held a q-tip with peroxide did it daily the peroxide dried it up and it peeled off and never came back

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