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I have struggled with recurring BV/yeast infections for years. This site is the only place I've seen menstrual blamed for raising vaginal pH. I've been off the pill for a few years now and have been having heavy 8-day periods. I've been to doctors who just keep prescribing flagyl and diflucan alternately. None seem to care that I can never get rid of this stuff permanently. A nurse practitioner did suggest I use Luvena, a product that contains a 'prebiotic' which keeps pH levels normal. Has anyone had experience with this? Is it better then RepHresh gel? It comes in a box of six filled applicators to use at night. So tired of this.

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I fought yeast infections for 5 years. Usually had 1-2 a month. Doctors were no help. Starting taking Acidopholous daily. No more yeasr!!


I prefer Luvena to rePhresh gel. Also contains cranberry extract which leaves a nice scent and is super healthy. And it's a bit cheaper.


I use Luvena. I do not like the applicator that it comes in so I empty the contents into a more traditional applicator. I'm allergic to a lot of products with parabens (ie KY) so Luvena is perfect for me.


luvena as well as rephresh are great I use it regularly

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