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I'm 24 years old and have been dealing with debilitating panic disorders since 12/25/08. My first attack happened in the movie theatre ( yes xmas in the movies ). Anyway, the sensations all hit me at once and I honestly thought I was having a heart attack. My throat felt constricted, my breathing increased rapidly, heart starts palpitating, clammy palms and chest, dizzyness ( tunnel visions ) fidgiting...ugh. Some more up to date symptoms are extreme adrenaline stored in the back of my head at the base of my neck. I feel as if I'm going to have a seizure of some sort. Has anyone experienced this ?? I live in nyc and I get panic on the Subways alot. If I'm not sitting at the far end of the cart where I can rest my head on the wall, panic attacks will 100% happen. Esp. With all the crowds of people and the stalling if the trains at times. This is super hard for me as I cannot avoid this being my means of getting from work and home everyday. Even work meetings, I cannot sit or stand still without running out to the bathroom. Nothing has helped me for this is going on 4 years. I feel the only medicine that helped me was klonopin and alprazolam. I don't want this to affect my heart for it has been working overtime every day for 4 years. Any suggestions would be.much appreciated. I'm crying just thinking about my life, avoiding situations these last few years. I'm only 24 and shouldn't this way. A few people in my family have this disorder and I'd rather not end up like them. I actually went to school and want to make something of myself. This is ruining my life.

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The only cure is Lucinda Bassetts attacking Anxiety and Depression. It changed my life! You will not be disappointed I promise.


I am telling you what I think is the best advice you can receive. I am around your same age and found it hard to even start a new day knowing my anxiety will be a constant challenge all day long. Not to mention exhausting by the time it is over. I discovered after some research and talking with my acupuncturist that your DIET controls everything. You truly are what you eat. I started a RAW VEGAN lifestyle (but start at your own pace, research experience with others with anxiety becoming raw vegan and read their testimonies. It is amazing. It has changed my life in so many ways, sometimes I even wake up EXCITED for the day! The cure is completely up to you, also I should mention I was on multiple meds of all kinds and relying on my xanax and am now completely off meds and only take my vitamins (also a HUGE help). Good luck to you!


I started having severe attacks when I was 22 and now I'm 30 and still suffering from them. I can totally empathize with your pain, they make me unable to function. I've had them while grocery shopping, driving, and all while my small children were with me, sooo scary! I have been on pretty much every antidepressant and anti anxiety med out there and they don't ever seem to help, not to mention the fact I don't wanna just take a bunch of pills that have plenty of their own side effects. I've tried meditation, excerise, diet changes, praying, but its like once they start, its downhill from there. Through therapy I've learned and accepted that they're not life threatening and they will pass (even though at the time it sure doesn't feel that way) so now while.I have my mind under control my body is far from it....sweating, freezing, shaking, rushes of warmth throughout my body, heart racing, terrible neck and shoulder pain/tension, and the most scary thing is the inability to function! Sometimes it takes days for my body to recover and by that time, I'm having another one! I can't keep a Job, I've missed important family functions and appts.... It feels so embarrassing and weak not to be in control of myself, I'm very ashamed and aggravated with myself and then the very few friends I have told about it just say to 'snap out of it' If only it were that easy!!I don't expect to not have a care in the world, we all have problems and stress, I just want to be able to.handle it like a 'normal' person!!! This affects all aspects of my life and hinders me in being the best person and mother I know I could be! I don't expect to be carefree, just happy! I know it could be worse, but I'm still determined to try and figure out how to make my situation better!


I read your post and was wondering have you ever tried meclizine. Meclizine is to treat dizziness related to inner ear problems. There is an article I found discussing the connection between inner ear disturbances and panic attacks. I found it very intriguing because I too have anxiety. Sometimes severe enough that I don't want to leave the house. You can google inner ear and panic attacks. This site won't let me post the link....


i have just found this site and am quite touched that there are so many peole out there who go throughpanic attacks. i am a 30 year old lady who lives in Zimbabwe and have 2 young children. i was recently diagnosed and suffer panic attacks whilst i am driving, mostly long distance. i have started a new job and have to drive for 6 hours every month end to attend management meetins. my fear is that i will have an accident and that is when the panic atacks start. i have taken prescribed medication for 2 weeks and felt remarkable difference but just going through the posts on this site has givn me new resolve. i will FIGHT this disorder and i kow God is by my side and i will pull through. i pray for you and everyone else going through this - we are overcomers and should not worry and be anxious


I've been suffering from panic axiety disorder since I was 16..I am now 37. It got worse for me after my best friend passed away without a cause. That sent me into a tailspin. Soon after her death my husband was deployed to Korea for a year. What brought me out of it were my daughters. Even before the ordeals of my best friend and husband, I was already living in a 'box'. I would have an attack just thinking about getting the mail outside my house. But after about 4 months without my husband I realized I was giving my girls a horrible childhood. My oldest had to take care of her younger sister...she was only 2-3 yrs old. I snapped out of it and was essentially panic free till about a few weeks ago. Sure I would have some attacks here and there but not daily like I was. Now I have the itchies (as I call them) all over my body...I'm dizzy all the time, my vision is a blur. I feel like I have icy/hot all over my body. I shake, and I fell like I have jalapeno juice in my brain and in my spinal column. I feel like I'm going crazy or being possessed sometimes. This has been going on since about the end of july early august. I dont know what to do...I have been Rx paraxodine but Im afraid to take it. Im not a big Meds person. I like dealing with it naturally but as i read all the things I've seems like its my only choice right now. I know how you feel...I feel the same way..sometimes it also feels like someone has a vice gripe on the back of your head. :'(

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