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I'm 24 years old and have been dealing with debilitating panic disorders since 12/25/08. My first attack happened in the movie theatre ( yes xmas in the movies ). Anyway, the sensations all hit me at once and I honestly thought I was having a heart attack. My throat felt constricted, my breathing increased rapidly, heart starts palpitating, clammy palms and chest, dizzyness ( tunnel visions ) fidgiting...ugh. Some more up to date symptoms are extreme adrenaline stored in the back of my head at the base of my neck. I feel as if I'm going to have a seizure of some sort. Has anyone experienced this ?? I live in nyc and I get panic on the Subways alot. If I'm not sitting at the far end of the cart where I can rest my head on the wall, panic attacks will 100% happen. Esp. With all the crowds of people and the stalling if the trains at times. This is super hard for me as I cannot avoid this being my means of getting from work and home everyday. Even work meetings, I cannot sit or stand still without running out to the bathroom. Nothing has helped me for this is going on 4 years. I feel the only medicine that helped me was klonopin and alprazolam. I don't want this to affect my heart for it has been working overtime every day for 4 years. Any suggestions would be.much appreciated. I'm crying just thinking about my life, avoiding situations these last few years. I'm only 24 and shouldn't this way. A few people in my family have this disorder and I'd rather not end up like them. I actually went to school and want to make something of myself. This is ruining my life.

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I was diagnosed with a panic disorder in 2006, so I've been dealing with it for awhile. For the first five years, I had to work out a routine that was comfortable for me. It's a learning process to figure out where you're comfortable and what your limit is. For example, I can go to the Rite Aid in my town, but not the Walmart. I can last about 20 minutes in Rite Aid, but can only last about 3 minutes inside a gas station.

Work out a plan or steps to get you to a certain point. For example, When I go out in public, the first thing I do is test myself with a drive around the neighborhood. I then go to the neighborhood across the street. Then I go over the overpass and turn the corner to get to a small grocery store. If there are roads that I know are super busy or for some reason make my anxiety worse, I avoid them, especially if I'm having a bad day.

Because panic attacks can be triggered by almost anything (for me, my sister had to change her perfume because every time I smell vanilla, it triggers one), so maybe keep a journal of the things that you notice, what you were doing when the panic attacks began, what did you eat, who were you with (certain people trigger panic attacks for me because I instantly worry about having a panic attack in front of them), etc. Find a 'safe zone' that you can escape to if you need to be alone. It's also a good idea to have someone go with you to any doctor appointments. Most people don't think logically when they feel anxious or panicked, so having someone else to listen, they might catch something the doctor says that you didn't.

When I'm having a panic attack, I go to my safe zone and I immediately start breathing. I close my eyes, breathe in through my nose, and blow out through my mouth as if I'm blowing out a candle. If you pace yourself, it will eventually slow your heard back down to normal.

Lastly, I just figured this out, but I've recently discovered I'm allergic to gluten. Gluten allergy symptoms for me are very similar to those I experience during a panic attack, (nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, dizzy, etc)- Since I've been gluten free, some of the smells that used to trigger my panic attacks don't anymore. Some tastes don't anymore and I don't seem to feel as panicky as I used to, although I still occasionally get an attack. I don't know if that's part of your problem, but just wanted to let you know.

The biggest thing, and I still struggle with this, is to accept that eventually, it could happen.... you could have a panic attack, so it's better to focus on calming yourself than to focus on worrying about actually having one.


ive had anxiety on and off for about 15 years, its been debilitating and other times not so bad, ive had moments where i get an attack and nothing for 2 or 3 years, however in the last 3 years ive been having nearly constant anxiety, i was placed on an Rx med for 6 months, which helped (celexa) but recently ive had a horrible lapse, and in my research ive found that studies show, people who use the Rx meds have a substaintially higher rate of relapse, where as people who do the CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) have like a 5 % relapse. my suggestion is to speak to a mental health professional and try the CBT along with herbal remidies. dont sedate your brain, train it. and always remember anxiety CANNOT kill you, its inconvenient and unpleasant, buts thats all. dont let it win.


search on about panic disorder..cannot post the link here

snippets of the content of the page : 'The point is that while panic attacks can certainly be serious, they are not organ-threatening. Therefore, for individuals who might wonder what to do to help the panic sufferer at the time of an anxiety attack, a more effective approach tends to be to acknowledge their fear and the intensity of their symptoms while reassuring the person having the panic attack that what is occurring is not life-threatening and can be treated.'

I think it will help that panic attack is not life threatening.

This may also help, it helped me, tried the steps based on this video: search on youtube:'Panic Attack Treatments - How I Cured My Panic Attacks Naturally'


Olha, pra voces que tem a doença do panico.Posso afirmar que praticamente fui curado depois que começei a tomar OLHO DE COPAIBA. Existe capsulas, eu por exemplo tomo 3 gotas em natura todos os dias, não abuse. Tome por cerca de 30 dias e pare, se precisar continue mais um tempo. Abraços


I hope you are able to return to this page that you posted on to see that there are so many that struggle with panic attacks and disorders and realize that you truly are not alone. In reading your post, I can painfully relate. I was diagnosed with PTSD and panic disorder at age 24. It is now 4 years late and I am still so limited on what I can do.

Being young and isolated by this feels so unfair, and i pray that we are all able to over come this soon. Here are some things I learned that might be helpful for you...
1. Keep bottled water with you and sip it slowly when you feel an attack coming on. It gives you something else to focus on and can soothe the attack.
2. Have your thyroid checked. Nearly every person that I know with panic attacks has a thyroid issue and it really helps to have the thyroid levels stable.
3. Most attacks occur when we are least confident in ourselves. Try not to mistreat your self and to be your own best friend through this.
4. Have a close friend that you can talk to during your attacks. Sometimes just playing with your phone works.
5. Let yourself cry when you need to. Holding back strong emotions causes them to boil into an attack.
6. Don't smoke or intake caffeine when you need to be somewhere and you fear an attack will come about.
7. Don't allow yourself to get beat up verbally by negative people.
8. When you feel an attack coming on, remind and assure yourself that you're going to make it and it will end soon.
9. Be conscious of what you allow in your mind and think about.
10. Keep mints with you so that when you feel anxiety rising, you can instead chose to enjoy the mint in your mouth. Plus they soothe the stomach.

Hope this helps and hang in there! You don't have to be like the other person you know with panic attacks. You can choose to move past them and into your real destiny :)


I've been struggling with anxiety for a few years now, and I know how difficult it makes your life. I've only recently been to see anyone about it, but I've never taken any medications and I find that although each person deals with things individually and in their own unique way, the best thing you can do for your anxiety is to stop trying to figure it all out. Your brain gets exhausted running around in your head thinking and thinking. The more you exert energy to make the anxiety go away the worse it gets. The more struggling we do to try and find a solution to our anxiety the worse we make it. I speak from experience, I lived in Barcelona and I know what you mean about the subway. I stopped taking the metro and started using the bus (which was much slower) because it made me nervous just to go down into the metro. I have found that the more I make myself do things that freak me out, while accepting that I will panic and I will feel uncomfortable but that it is normal and nothing is wrong with me, the easier it has become. It's a process, but it has worked wonders on my anxiety levels. There is no quick fix, but it can really ease your mind to know that others have struggled just as you have and have come out the other side back into a normal life. I highly recommend a website called anxiety no more dot com, it has a lot of people to help each other through it all and there is also a book which is a quick read and has helped me a lot.
I also recommend doing things you know you enjoy whenever you can. Like, I love reading and playing games and going out with my dog and whenever I can that's what I do, without thinking about my anxiety or going around in my head but just focusing on the moment. Also, going out with my dog gives me some exercise and that is highly recommended along with a healthy diet. I now eat loads of spinach, flax seeds, and raw foods. There are tons of recipes for healthy morning smoothies and that has been the best way to start the day for me. Also, you should try to avoid caffeine, too much alcohol (hangovers give me anxiety), stimulants like lots of sugar or nicotine, and junkfood full of chemicals. Whatever you do, just try to be as healthy as possible and it will make a world of difference! It has for me! :)

D. Morris

I've been dealing Anxiety going on 20 years now. It is horrible, it is debilitating, it is uncomfortable but you know could be worse I could be Quadriplegic, that's how I look at it anyway. Symptoms for me are extreme fatigue, god awful stiffness in the back of my neck, shaking hands, sometimes weakness in arms, blurry vision, muscle tension in jaw, and inability to focus. These are just some of the many symptoms that you probably have to. It sucks but as another poster noted you're not alone. Medicine definitely helps. I take Paxil which keeps me from being too depressed about it all and a low dose of Lorezapam to help control it but it by no means stops it. Everyday is a challenge and yet I managed to get married, have a beautiful son who's 19 now, and find a good engineering job. I tooh had to ride the subway in and out of DC for many years and it was hard. I used to say, noone knows what it feels like and that person couldnt possibly have it as bad as me but the truth is some have it worse and some not so much. Again you're not alone. My suggestion to you would be to join a support group whether online or in person just so you know your not alone and for advice. Second, mentally talk to yourself and do it a lot. When you get off the subway tell yourself you did and you can do it again. After standing in line buying something tell yourself you did it and can do it again. Social engagements same thing. (By the way people are staring at you becuase they least that's what I always thought).

Last thing........try Cognitive Restruction Therapy or Meditation. Doesnt seem like it works or you're actually doing it right for the first 2-3 weeks but if you stick to it TRUST ME you will notice a difference in you attitude.

Good Luck and feel free to email me if you need to talk

Nery Paz

How are you doing. I too am diagnosed with anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder. Im only 25 years old and last year I felt a lot like you. I tried prozac, clanezepam, respiradol and many others that im sick and tired of. I tell you what though my best decision was to put my life in the hands of the Lord. Although i still get mild anxiety attacks, being with God has made my life a lot better to deal with.


AMEN Nery Paz! I have also struggled with panic attacks! HORRIBLE! but GOD is GOOD...ALL the time. His word says 'Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.' Seek Him and He will direct your path, He will never leave you nor forsake you! He has helped me and I no longer have them anymore. You may want to ask yourself what gives you peace. Do you have peace about what you're doing at this point in your life? I'll be praying for you!:)


Meg,I have also struggled with panic attacks! HORRIBLE! but GOD is GOOD...ALL the time. His word says 'Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.' Seek Him and He will direct your path, He will never leave you nor forsake you! He has helped me and I no longer have them anymore. You may want to ask yourself what gives you peace. Do you have peace about what you're doing at this point in your life? I'll be praying for you!:)

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