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I have a cracked tooth with and exposed nerve with no immediate access to a dentist due to monetary problems. Let me tell you what works for me after reading a host of remedy sites.

1) If you want Real relief in about 15 mins GO AND BUY EXCEDRIN MIGRANE..It its THE BEST...B E S T asprin for this type of pain. In about 15 mins the sore area will be completely numb and you will be able to sleep.

Ok so the draw back is you can only take 2 in 24 hrs. I tried the Salty Water and Mouth Wash rinsing..after leaving a salty taste in my mouth it did nothing(Its supposed to clean your mouth so Im still going to use it.)

I have no clue where to buy Clove Oil. So I have'nt tried that. What I did was buy some mint Dental Wax for braces, and despite a slight..VERY SLIGHT irritation I feel WAY better. Let me explain its not an irritation so to speak but my toothe getting used to something pressing against it, it does'nt hurt at all.

Hope this helps.

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U can get clove oil at wal mart pharmacy but u have to ask the pharmacist for it it cost abt 6.00


Be careful with the clove oil my husband has been using it and he has burnt his face (because of drips collecting in his beard) and burnt his throat too. Make sure you rread all the side effects there are a lot of them. Clove oil can thin your blood too whci we found out when he played with our puppy and a little scratch bled for an hour. Good Luck

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