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I am 29 years old with chronic debilitating migraines. I get them 6-10 times a week, and I'm on all the major drug types, Immatrex, relpax, etc. NOTHING seems to work when they get really bad. I was told that I should get botox injections, but truth be told im slightly terrified of the idea. I have had a migraine for the past week with no relief and my meds don't seem to want to work today. Anyone have thoughts on the botox injections?

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Marc Ferraro.

Yes. I have tried Botox. Tried all drugs prior to that. I've been suffering for 25 years. It takes approx 1.5 weeks to start working. Then (for me) works for 3 months. They run me about $450. Wich is cheaper then all the drugs i have to buy just to get through the day sometimes. I live in Canada and it is recognized by the medical field over here so there are no taxes on it. Hey try it. The needles are a JOKE on the pain factor in comparison to a migraine. Hey, the worst that can happen is that you look younger for about 6 months.


Get a steroid block or occipital block it will make you numb and the headache break up have had occipital neuralgia and migraines and tension headaches and a little bit of neck trouble too have tried chiro/massage traction/p.t./am on lyrica/zanax and norflex when /i get one I take a 500 mg naproxen and a maxalt.I get botox every 3 months and can get a steroid block every 3 months as well .Stay hydrated and breatheā€¦Also reduce stress in every area of your life and women know this they get less intense at menopause I know because I am there!!!

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