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I am 29 years old with chronic debilitating migraines. I get them 6-10 times a week, and I'm on all the major drug types, Immatrex, relpax, etc. NOTHING seems to work when they get really bad. I was told that I should get botox injections, but truth be told im slightly terrified of the idea. I have had a migraine for the past week with no relief and my meds don't seem to want to work today. Anyone have thoughts on the botox injections?

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I tried botox, didn't work, I get 15 headaches a month. Now since I got botox, have 4 strate days of headaches. Take Maxalt & Fioricet. They go away & come back next day. I am frustrated. 3 years of this, tried topamax, nortripylene, nothing works.


get checked for brain anurisums asap, my mother died at age 32, all she had was migrains, its worth the check!


My mom swears by the botox injections. Kept her migraine free for over a year!


So Im am in the same situation as most of you where I get migraines almost everyday and this has been going on for almost 10 years now. All the dozens of doctors I have seen over the years can not explain why I have this issue, they are unsure if it is related to my hernaited disks & buldge in the neck or not. I have been on every medicine possible, dont physical and massage therapy, tons of injections and many many home remedies and NOTHING helps! Im at the point where I cant work and can barely take care of my daughter.
My question is......I just recently had trigger point injections in my neck and shoulders which unfortunatly failed. Now originally my doctor wanted to do Botox for me but now he says that if the didnt work, then the Botox will not work either. Has anyone had the same issue? Or has anyone tried Botox after trying Trigger Point Injections? Please help I cant take this anymore!


Yeah. I had 45 injections in my face, neck, and shoulders every 2.5 to 3 months. In addition to feeling like I looked like some stoic non-human life form, until my body got used to it, it was 2 weeks of extreme pain and throbbing as my muscles would try and fight the Botox. I couldn't lift more than 15 pounds for the first week everytime cuz if I did more I'd drop anything I carried. I have given them up a year ago this January and I went from 25 days per month with migraines to 1 during my cycle. I changed my diet and found a doc who does the 'nutri spec' program that is metabolically directed and uses vitamins and minerals. It seriously changed my life. And my old neurologist who was very well known in NYC was astonished at how well everything has improved. Good luck and I hope the advice helps. PS Mainstream docs tell me the Botox is out of my system. But one side of my face I smile on and not the other. One eyebrow moves and not the other. Search out alternatives like Chinese medicine. Less invasive things worked for thousands of years


I've tried the Botox. They injected it all over my head & it didn't help my migraines at all. A thousand dollars down the drain for the Botox!


I've tried Botox. Not very effective for me . My migraines are brought on by mostly environmental factors... Weather..smells etc


I have suffered with severe migraines for over 25 years, the ONE and not thing I have found that has ever helped mine diminish or go away is Zomig Nazal Spray, I swear by this stuff. It is expensive and since I do not have insurance I no longer am able to afford to get these, I wished I could, because its the only thing that I have found that helps me. Maybe this will help someone else, and I hope you have the insurance to cover it! :-)


Re: Botox Injections for migraines...
I've heard it helps--my specialist suggested it to me, but am emphatically opposed to it on grounds of unnecessary animal cruelty: pharmaceutical drug makers need perform an assay of the drug to ensure its viability/potency. To do this requires using numerous lab animals which kills them in the process. When there are so many other Western and Eastern treatments and homeopathic avenues to exhaust. Look at the many anecdotes already offered by commenters! --and some cost nearly nothing, appear low risk, so home conveniently the Indonesian remedy. And if still true of hospitals offering onsite free oxygen not just a migraine sufferer but too the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia, DJD, Spondylitis, I'm willing to check it out. Proffer you query your provider and do some self qualified research into some of the remedies posted here. Just a thought to throw into the proverbially well.


I haven't had migraines for 32 yrs. For the last 8 yrs, I have had them 24/7. No relief, just change in severity. I had my 2nd Botox injection. They are extremely painful! After this 2nd dose, my migraines were so bad, I barely left my dark, quiet bedroom for 3 1/2 weeks. Never again.

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