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I am 29 years old with chronic debilitating migraines. I get them 6-10 times a week, and I'm on all the major drug types, Immatrex, relpax, etc. NOTHING seems to work when they get really bad. I was told that I should get botox injections, but truth be told im slightly terrified of the idea. I have had a migraine for the past week with no relief and my meds don't seem to want to work today. Anyone have thoughts on the botox injections?

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Jed with the hurt head

I saw a comment on ' Cluster headaches', Facebook page. They suggested the exact same thing. I am 40 and do have basil migraines along with cluster headaches. I too have tried those Rx you are on. I have found no relief. I would eat dirt if I thought it help...really. Also, the Rx are making me swell like a balloon. Anyone out there find a remedy, please let me know, also.


I have no less than 25 days a month of migraines & like you, I've tried every over the counter & prescription medication known to man.Nothing seems to help so my neurology specialist recommended I try the botox injections.I went in & had them done & during the injections it wasn't so bad as one might think.I had them from just below my neck on my back throughout my scalp. It seemed to help the first few hours afterward but, then I got the worst migraine I've ever had in my life.I almost always throw up & get dizzy but the botox had me doubled over clutching my head & it didn't go away until almost 2 weeks after the injections.I ended up in the emergency room.I do recommend you consult more than just one doctor if possible as well as asking patients who've had the injections how they did with them.As for me I'll never do it again as it made my migraines much much worse.I wish you luck with relief & hope they come up with something that is universal in helping those of us with this problem.


My Friend who works in the medical feild was talking to me the other day about this. she said that she had migranes that sound a lot like yours. and the botox completely got rid of them.


Marijuana :)


I've been getting Botox shots for over 8 years now. They are amazing! I've gone from 20+ migraines a month to only a few. The severity is also reduced.


Aren't the Botox shots expensive? I don't have insurance. What do they run?


I get migraines every other day sometimes they last for weeks then I have a day of no headache then it starts all over again on the other side I tried everything and currently I am taking Maxalt wavers to control the pain and I go for Botox injections every six month. My insurance covers part of that cost.
Botox helped with the severity of the migraines,I usually don't get nauseated and vomiting anymore.

karen warren

i too sufered from migrains i found the only thing that worked for me was norgesic forte ORPHENADRINE CITRATE,ASPIRIN,CAFFEINE made by 3m they nolonger make it but you can find it in generic they do sell orphenadrine by itself and you can take a aspirin and a caffeine pill with it. out of all the migraine pills it was the miracle pill. the other thing it does is sea sickness
i tried everything it was the only thing that worked. good luck this will stop your migrains try it and spread the word. karen


I was having daily migraines for 10 years and then one time I had the stomach flu and couldn't eat for a week. I felt like crap from the flu, but had zero head pain. This let me know it was something I was consuming that was causing the daily inflammation.
Turns out I was right.
I started eating ONLY the following things:
eggs (organic)
Jasmine rice (NOT enriched. Only ingredient must be rice)

I was headache free! I slowly was able to add in grass fed beef, avocados, kosher chicken and a few other things.

The problem is all the wheat and corn in our country is now Genetically Modified. It causes inflammation.
The corn is in EVERYTHING. They make MSG out of it, fake sweeteners, and meat preservatives. They pull vitamin C from corn and spray it on all the non organic meats at the store to keep them fresh. They make wax out of it and spray it on the fruits and vegetables.
It's even in cosmetics.

Try going on this basic elimination diet just for one week and you may change your life. At first it seems like you can't eat much, but now I can eat about 30 things and I have my life back!

Basically, if it has more than one or 2 ingredients, and you cant prounounce it, it's probably going to give you a migraine.


My mom got the injections for a couple years and they helped some. She recently started taking a health product called Monavie, the original juice, after a couple months she got off 90 % of her mess and no longer has chronic migraines, I suggest you try Monavie, its all natural and hopefully can change your life too

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