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If you're anything like me, you came onto this site with the hopes of finding some sort of instant relief. Unfortunately, for those of us with a problematic tooth all the way in the back - sometimes, there is no help. BUT, then I found there was. And yes, it was instant.

Sucking. I know that sounds weird, but it does work. If you have a broken tooth, get a piece of bread and little by little, start biting on the bread until the hole in the tooth is completely filled and or covered. You'll feel a great deal of pain, because the bread will be hitting that exposed nerve. Once you feel that pain, suck the bread out of the tooth. Instant relief. Why?

Because that nerve is sitting there and is sitting in a weird position. By sucking, it tickles the nerve a bit and viola! Helps me.

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Wow!! I didn't use the bread, I just used my tongue to suck, and it feels SO much better. Even if this is only temporary it is one hell of an improvement.


excellent advice it really did work but how?


this somewhat relieved my pain enough to let me sleep thank you none of the other remedies seemed to have worked this time for some reason.

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