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This cured my dandruff/itchy scalp in just two treatments. Take some coconut oil, the kind that is solid at room temp, and heat it slightly until it's melted and warm to touch. For approximately 5tbsp coconut oil, use 5-9 drops pure tea tree oil. I have a special basting brush, that I use only for hair, if you plan to do this often its worth the mini investment. There are several ways to apply it, I do it some what like I would when I would dye my hair. Make sure you apply first to the problem spots and directly onto the scalp. Once hair is completely saturated cover in hair cap, or an old cloth fashioned into a hair wrap. I find this is much more comfortable then a plastic bag. Leave this in overnight and give yourself a good shampoo the following morning. I recommend also adding a few drops of the tea tree oil to your shampoo as an on going treatment. I'd also suggest looking into more natural shampoos that leave out the harsh chemicals that leave your hair dry and brittle, and your scalp unhealthy.

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Mary Ware

The best I have ever used to keep my hair dandruff at bay is the GKhair anti-dandruff shampoo. It's sulfate free and color safe shampoo that is very much effective in combating with your hair dandruff. Truly an awesome product. :) <3

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