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Melodys Mommy

What's great for diaper rash is 'Shortening' put some one your baby and works immediately.

My daughter has a bad diaper rash. I bought Disitin. Didn't work what so ever. Didn't have cash with me til 2 days. So my mother in law recommend Shortening, (lard) it was in my cabinet so why not give it a try. Next diaper change it was cure just a bit red. But it works wonders.

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I heard this can also bring chance for infections. I am in the need for a remedy for this as well i use butt paste and it usually works with baking soda in the bath but she is on a pooping spree and cant catch a break we have her with no dipar right now


My daugther can only use Pampers she's a very sensitive baby. Try pampers doctors recommend, and i try shorting n my daughter is just fine , its only for energy use if its really bad.
You can always buy dr. Smith


I tried the shortening and it worked like magic! LO had diarrhea and had a huge red, red diaper rash with bumps - it was so painful she cried so hard when I even touched it and blew air to dry it off. Slathered on Crisco before she went to bed, the next morning it was 95% gone! The small area left is just a light pink and she's not in pain any more. :)


Glad. It helped. :)


When you put the shortening do you put a regular diaper on? My grandma had told me of this but she said not to put a diaper.


Do you use Crisco.?

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