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I'm 45 and was diagnosed in the last year. It was a long and painful process because they couldn't figure it out because my symptoms are quite mild although without treatment- as it was for about 8 months- very painful. FIRST let me say to 'newbies' I have always been very sexually open and free and have had quite a bit of unprotected sex for many many years. I have never had any STD before, nothing. I feel A) fortunate and B) that perhaps all the scare tactics and stastics aren't real accurate. If 1 in 3 or 4 adults has Herpes I should have had it LONG ago. ANYWAY- judging by what ive read here you don't have to be a 'slut' to get it and being one doesn't guarantee you'll get it. At first I was DEVASTATED and i thought only truly dirty whore streetwalkers got Herpes but all my research (and much calming down) shows that its REALLY JUST A SKIN DISEASE THAT HAPPENS TO BE TRANSMITTED THROUGH SEXUAL CONTACT. dealing with th symptoms has been harder than dealing with the 'shame'. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY REMEDY!! As I said I've had this for about a year now, almost
Like clockwork I break out the week before
My period and I take 800mgs of Axyclovir once a day for 5 days and all fine. My main symptom is what seems exactly like a shavIng cut in the same spot every time. Well for the past 2 or maybe 3 months I've had that same ongoing symptom despite going as much as 800mgs 3x a day fir weeks and it never went away. The doctor had no solutions so I FOUND THIS PAGE! I read through probably 60+% of it and found a not if similar suggestions until one person said they shaved pieces off an actual Acyclovirr pill and put it on the lesions1 which made snesenro me. Another person said they put vitamin d3 directly on the lesions which made sense to me. SO- that night I grated an acyclovir with the fine part of a cheese grater AND mixed it with a vitamin B3 oil that u got out if the capsule and the NEXT
all my problems were solved. After months of taking huge amounts of drugs that didn't work THIS WORKED and I'm so happy! Its been about a week and Ive been taking B3 Orally and also putting it on the area for safety and I'm 100% fine. YAY! so grateful for this forum :)

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Hi, I will try this and let you know if it works with me if i have a breakout


I have the blue capsule can I use or try that?


Okay you say d3 and b3 which vitamin is it...

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