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neil armstrongs friend

Peanut butter works but it only works when the peanut butter is actually on your toothache. and salt pepper and cooking oil works well. And boil some water and put a rag in the boiled water and soak it and then then put it on your cheek the side that hurts and when the water starts getting cold reheat it and put it back on your face do that until the pain has gone down. What doesnt work is dont put cold water to the tooth because it makes it worse. And what works well for me is get listerine mouth wash and sensodyne or colgate and bruch your teeth really good and then det the listerene and get 10 milliliters in the cap and then first wish it around in your mouth but then on the side that hurts wish around all the listerine on that side and hold it there fo about 30 to45 seconds and then spit it out and it should start feeling better and another thing that i did with my toothache is i got garlic powder and put it in a tiny bowl and got a Q-tip and put water on one of the sides and then put that side of the Q-tip inthe little bowl and then wish it around and make it a paste then put it in your mouth on the gum and dont put it on your tounge or just dont try to because it will burn like crap and lastly you get a q tip and get one side wet and put a little of cayenne pepper on the q tip and then dap it on your gum but not your tooth and it will burn like crap but its worth it by

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Garlic powder worked but made person nauseous, vanilla how ever did not work at all,crushed asprin works but only for a minute with intensify pain when it returns.


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