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It's a great comfort reading about others with this same issue of recurring BV. It has made me cringe over the thought of spontaneous sex and eventually diminished my desire for it. I've even visited a therapist because it made depressed and shun my sex alltogether. My remedy is probably not the tastiest, but the natural detoxifying agents of WHEATGRASS cure BV within a week. I have a wheatgrass juicer and buy only soil-grown wheatgrass. I've used this remedy on and off for years, however having sex almost always causes it to return. My husband and I use condoms or I return to my wheatgrass remedy to clear it up. I have also used this over the counter remedy call BV Essentials and it works great. I've also gone to a natural health specialists who recommends removing white sugar and starches from your diets and increasing green veggies and a multivitamin. One bright spot about getting older is eventually you will have fewer BV encounters to a complete end to the misery.

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I found your recommendation for the BV Essentials and found the VH Essentials for treatment of BV at my local grocery store and after just a half dose the first night I had complete relief! I get to itching so bad it's all I can think about and then as it progresses I feel like I need to urinate all the time. After just that half dose I felt back to normal!


Don't count on age helping out. I never had BV before last year and probably only had a total of 4 yeast infections ever. Now I'm in the early stages of menopause and I've basically had BV for the last 9 months and the three doses of Flagyl only temporarily stopped it.

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