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take a 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, add about the same amount each of ground cloves and garlic flakes or powder. Apply to swollen area. A mere dab took the swelling and pain away in less than five minutes.

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I brush several times per day and swish hydrogen peroxide for about a full minute. That takes care of the pain. When I had swelling, I also rinsed with hot (as hot as I could stand it), salty water; swiching each mouthful for about 20 seconds.


thanks vikki. i just went to the dentist for routine cleaning 4 days ago. just yesterday morning i woke up with swollen gums under a couple of the teeth and toothache. i have never felt this sensation before or after any dentist appointment, so i think this time around the dentist messed up somewhere along the line.

the pain and swelling increased today morning. i figured my gums were infected. so i looked up online and came to this site. i tried your remedy and like you said, after 5 minutes of application, the swelling and pain reduced dramatically but there is still some swelling.

i will keep applying this concoction until it is fixed permanently. i am also rinsing with warm salt water and turmeric tea, which i've heard also helps.

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