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I tried everything. Couldn't keep paying 50 per treatment at a doc. Tried ACV (which burned off my skin), tea tree oil, vitamin e, freezing with the compound w stuff, etc... I am a 28 year old. African American woman who was diagnost with HPV in August of this year, 2012. I was devastated when my doc told me. I didn't feel like a woman anymore. I cried every time I looked down there. I had many some big and some small.
Now, the liquid compound w store brand worked some but was almost like putting acid on my sensitive area. Horrible, but in 2-3 days reduced the big one's greatly. The ONLY thing that was a blessing for only $1 at the dollar store was hydrogen peroxide 3%. I take a cotton ball and use it 2-3 times daily now for the last 2 weeks and they are gone. I douche with it every 2-3 days also.

After research, I learned that warts dont like oxygen, hence hydrogen peroxide. I live by the stuff now. Do your own research to see if this is for you. I heard of other people using it for a solution too. So I Googled: Genital warts and hydrogen peroxide.

Know your allergic reactions, but it's definitely worth looking into. And way less painful.

Many blessings :-)

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.... I used hydrogen peroxide 3% on my external wart . At first I was disappointed because the wart didn't change in size or color . I kept applying the peroxide for a month, and today the wart was Gone


I'm a 30 year old pregnant woman and these warts have just reared their ugly head. I just want to warn people about the dangers involved in treating these yourself. I read up on the internet that the easiest way to get rid of them is to tie cotton around it. 3 days later it has swelled up to 3 times its previous size and is incredibly painful. I've not been able to remove the cotton because it's so sore and swollen, and the hospital is admitting me for emergency surgery (under a general) today.

I'm not saying all the cures are bad, just that that was a bad option for me, and I didn't see anything online telling about the potential pain and distress you can cause yourself.


When you put the Peroxide on the bumps did they turn white ? Also, did your add water to the peroxide? I have small bumps on labia but even more on the inside I just want this all to be over with. I haven't even told my husband. Im so ashamed I feel so gross and ugly disgusting and irradiated

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