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I tried everything. Couldn't keep paying 50 per treatment at a doc. Tried ACV (which burned off my skin), tea tree oil, vitamin e, freezing with the compound w stuff, etc... I am a 28 year old. African American woman who was diagnost with HPV in August of this year, 2012. I was devastated when my doc told me. I didn't feel like a woman anymore. I cried every time I looked down there. I had many some big and some small.
Now, the liquid compound w store brand worked some but was almost like putting acid on my sensitive area. Horrible, but in 2-3 days reduced the big one's greatly. The ONLY thing that was a blessing for only $1 at the dollar store was hydrogen peroxide 3%. I take a cotton ball and use it 2-3 times daily now for the last 2 weeks and they are gone. I douche with it every 2-3 days also.

After research, I learned that warts dont like oxygen, hence hydrogen peroxide. I live by the stuff now. Do your own research to see if this is for you. I heard of other people using it for a solution too. So I Googled: Genital warts and hydrogen peroxide.

Know your allergic reactions, but it's definitely worth looking into. And way less painful.

Many blessings :-)

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I understand how you would feel after the doc told you having genital warts . I have had the same feeling too, and stopped having sex with my husband for almost 2 months. I cried when every he wanted to touch me down there. He told me that he still loves me the same no matter what . However, I always feel dirty and don't want to be touched anymore.

I'm 3 month pregnant. My doc said the warts will go away after I have the baby.

I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar for about 10 days, and most of my external genital warts are gone after first 2 hours treatment. I still have two small warts inside. But I got burn badly after first treatment. So please if any woman wants to use AVC to treat genital warts should be careful not to leave the AVC on your skin more than 2 hours .

I will try to use peroxide solution next week and will update the result :))

Best regards

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You sound just like me. My fiance said he loved me the same also but I still just didn't feel comfortable sexually. I was determined to get rid of the lil buggers.

Please do post your results for the hydrogen peroxide solution. Hope all goes well.

Many blessings!


... ..this is my update result after 10 days using ACV. It seems all of my warts were gone , even though I got burned badly, and have some scars. Hopefully, I don't have any internal warts .

I know it's too early to say the warts were gone. But ...I hope with my ' good news' that would help my dear women feel more positive about their condition . I'm 3 months pregnant and my immune system is weak so my worried that the warts might come back any time. :(

To ladies, If you plan to use ACV to treat genital warts please do not leave it more than 2 hours on your skin . Some people leave it over night, and I left ACV on my skin less than 2 hours and still got burned badly.

I will update the result in the next 10 days. If they come back I will try the Hydrogen peroxide 3%.

Best regards !

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I left the ACV on overnight, that may have been my first mistake. That's some pretty strong stuff for a sensitive area. I wonder if just dabbing would have been better.

Still wart free from the hydrogen peroxide, about a month now. :-). Looks normal, feels normal. Wish I found my solution earlier. I hope everyone finds what works for them. I felt like giving up but I couldn't.

When I was diagnosed, my doc told me of an incident where a woman waited long b4 treatment. Her warts were so large that her vagina hole was almost closed. She needed surgery in addition to other treatment.

Never give up! Dont let it get that sever. Find YOUR solution. Best wishes to all.

And many blessings


.. Please up date your result with Hydrogen Solution


How did you use hydrogen peroxide please show me . You leave it on your for hours or how . I have tried hydrogen solution 3 days but my warts still the same . Please show me .

Thank you

Original Poster

I used a cotton ball and rubbed over the area 3 times daily. For the douche, I used a regular douche bottle from the store. Emptied the components, washed it and put the hydrogen peroxide in the bottle.

Everyone's solution is not the same. Some ppl had success with ACV, but I didn't. The hydrogen peroxide took about. 3 or 4 days for results.

Also I made sure the peroxide on the cotton ball was wet enough to sizzle like an actual sore would. Not rubbing it in, I just let the solution work itself.

Many Blessings!


Thank you for your early reply . Hopefully it works on my GW .


im lost im a 23 year old and im 7 months pregant. these warts just came out of no were and now they are on the inside ... do you douch with acv or paroxcide? and how long do you do this ? how offten?


.... I used hydrogen peroxide 3% on my external wart . At first I was disappointed because the wart didn't change in size or color . I kept applying the peroxide for a month, and today the wart was home .

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