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I'd been looking through all these remedies all night unable to sleep with a terrible tooth ache from a large cavity in my wisdom tooth where the nerve is exposed. I tried warm salt water to no avail, garlic and ice cubes only subsided the pain for a moment. Decided to have another go as the pain was unbearable, I boiled some water and let it sit for a while, poured it into a cup with salt, pepper, crushed garlic, whole cloves and chili powder. I swished this around my mouth as long as I could (the chilli is very very hot) After I had spat it out I noticed most the pain has gone, I'm now chewing on bread to fill the cavity for the meantime.

Hope this helps!

Just keep trying different things, it will keep you busy if your up unable to sleep as many of us are with tooth aches.

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Thank you much your idea really just helped me ... It took the pain away so much ... The chilli really hotttttt but it worked great! I would hug you if I could


I just wanted to say it is a bad idea to 'fill' a cavity with bread. Bread is a carbohydrate, the same thing sugar is. Bacteria will eat up bread on your tooth like they would if you had just filled it with caramel.


On top of the bread comment, it will eat up your cavity even more DON'T FILL IT WITH FOOD!!


Omg fill your cavity at the dentist not with food, cavity is caused by food dude


Be careful with the bread. I tried this a couple months ago for my toothache and ended up in the emergency room. The bread works, but because the bread is a starch, and starches turn into sugar it can make the infection worse. When I went to the ER the infection had moved from1 tooth to six teeth.

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