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This is not a remedy, it is a warning. Don't be an ear picker!!!!! Why????? I feel such an idiot, I had a blockage in my right ear, I tried everything, went to the doctor, got antibiotics X2, bought antibiotic eardrops etc etc.
2 weeks down the line, no improvement, it was driving me crazy, so today I went onto your site, and I used warm olive oil, and then warm water squirted in with a syringe. Praise God, the lump fell out!!!!! No guys, not wax but the eraser tip that broke off the pencil I was scratching my ear with!!!!!!!! No more earbuds, pencils, keys, toothpicks, matches, or any other object will ever enter my ear canal!!!!! A friendly warning from an old fool!!!

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Your a fucking idiot


To the one that said you are a fucken idiot. Like you never done something goofy or silly like this come on we all are human.


Why do you say he's an idiot ?
It can happen to everyone -.-


He writes 'your an idiot' and can't even spell 'you're' correctly. Oh the irony! Must be a 'take one to know one' sort of deal going on here.


Same tho g happened to me about ten years ago, haha I felt so freaking stupid.

Rory Axelrod

Thank you so much for this. I've had a toy thimble stuck in my ear for a week and a half and I tried everything to get it out. Tweezers, chewing gum, peanut butter, magnets -- nothing worked.Never even thought of olive oil. Dumbo, you're what I call a hero. Dumbo, hero. Hey, that rhymes!


I have been in the same boat...antibiotics, trips to the ER...3 Drs have looked in my ear and said ummmm I can't see in your ear for all the wax...I guess there isn't a Dr in town qualified to remove it, because none of them have. I have tried everything Doprox, straight peroxide, sweet oil (not heated) and flush with warm water...apparently I have not been protestant BF went to Walgreen's and the physicians assistant told him about warm olive oil, heat and then flush...I can't wait to get home and try this...I hope to God it works for me as well as it has seemed to work for everyone else on this site

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