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I am soooo thankful for finding this page!!!
My story is just like many on here, so I won't repeat what's already been said about tying off anal skin tags.... But I wanted to add a note.
I used Dermoplast spray for the pain and it really helped. It was given to me in the hospital when I had my second child. (6 months ago) The nurses told me to use it freely in the area of my episiotomy. It's a pain relieving spray found at drugstores, about $8. Seriously worth it to have on hand when you start this process. And I used embroidery floss. (Only 3 strands out of the 6 in each thread). I wouldn't recommend dental floss bc it cuts into your skin too bad.
It's been 7 days for me and its dangling by a tiny piece... Should fall off tomorrow!

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