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Any of these will work, amazing.
-first go to the toilet, might be thatt you need to get rid.
-put a pillow on your tummy, sit up straight, hug your knees, and then take a few gulps of cola (sprite works too)
-any form of ginger, in water, sip slowly.
-take a warm bath.
-anything peppermint, like gum or tea.
-rice in a sock, put in microwave, put on your tummy.
-baking soda in water, sip slowly.
-glass of warm water.
I wish you a speedy recovery:)

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The idea of rice in a sock is great
I tried it for my daughter when she had a tummy ache and it did the trick nicely
She felt much better and found it ammusing watching her sock spin in the microwave!


It worked. I drank sprite and layed on my stomach

Mahi kashyap

It did work.THANK YOU


Thanks. The ginger and pepper mint idea combined is the best thing ever :D thnx again!


I'm assuming the rice is cooked rice??


Airhead, you use uncooked rice.

All these are great tips.


I am deffinetely trying!


best advice ever all of these worked


thx they worked


I found that the sitting up, holding a pillow, hugging your knees, and drinking cola really worked for me. But it was only temporary, which sucks. but i still found it the most helpful out of the rest

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