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To kill fleas on my dog I used lavender fabric softener mixed with a good squirt of anti dandruff hair shampoo (about twice as much you would use for a normal hair wash) make up to two liters with water and mix well, pour some on your dog and rub in, repeat until your dog is saturated. It will kill fleas in less than 10 seconds

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You do NOT put anti dandruff shampoo and/or fabric softener on your dog! What are you thinking. Dogs have sensitive skin and it could poison your dog. Instead, use a diluted dawn soap or a mild dog shampoo specifically made for your dog. Many a dog or cat has been killed this way. Please be careful. Your animals trust you to do the right thing.


Also, please do not put dog shampoo on cats OR cat shampoo on dogs. They are made specifically for that particular animal. Again, doing this could also harm to your animal.

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