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Stop using the over the counter facial products asap. Wash face with Sea Salt dissolved in hot water at night and rinse with water only in the morning. Pat dry, never rub. Make Green Tea and put it in a spray bottle and use as a toner. Use Olive Oil or Jojoba Oil as moisturizers. Also apply Aloe Vera Gel straight from the plant and also apply Manuka Honey masks everyday for 10min. Use a Tea Tree Oil and Sulfur as spot treatments. It worked for me.

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Hi i am doing a science experiment on acne home remedys and i was wondering if could have permission to use this and i will not take credit for your remedy please let me know asap thank you


Hey sorry I havent been back on this site in alittle while but yeah thats cool. If you think this is helpful then go ahead and use it. My advice is to go all natural and stay away from all the chemical junk sold in the stores. Use all natural products from Health Food Stores and the kitchen. I also recommend after your face retains its natural balance then definitely switch to water only washing. My face has never looked so good:)

Just Wondering...

Okay, I know I sound pretty stupid for asking this, but what do you mean by 'wash your face with water?' Does that mean just splash some water on your face, and whabam! i'm done?


Do you suggest doing the toning and moisturising daily with those products?


Yeah after my face became normal again without the use of any chemicals to ruin it, I switched to water only washing which you are right, simply means splash your face with water and use no cleanser. Although I still use the Jojoba Moisturizer and the diluted Tea Tree Oil at night to prevent acne, my face looks better than it has in a long time. I also use a Manuka Honey and Egg white mask once a week and an Oatmeal exfoliator once a month. Natural is the way to go, its cheaper and you can normally find everything you need right in your own kitchen.

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